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  1. Late, but might help someone. When I made mine is used _StructureBP_Lighthouse_C.pnt as a suffix. HTH.
  2. Like as not the only way to fix the cargo box is place your own claiming tower somewhere out of the way and way the 45 mins, or find someone else who is claiming an area and ask them to destroy the box for you once claimed. I've points left and will help you if you can't do it yourself for whatever reason.
  3. Saw it mentioned elsewhere here, if you can scuttle it, you can unclaim it. Just unclaim then reclaim and it should reset all the structures.
  4. No need to sail the full 2 hrs... there are no claiming towers outside of lawless. Just sail from map location to the nearest owned island and anchor up safe.
  5. A dinghy you say? Easy fix for that. Put a dinghy hangar on your own ship, but don't build a dinghy in it. Sail close enough to their dinghy and use the hangar to retrieve their dinghy. AFAIK dinghies don't obey the same decay timer as other boats, BUT they're the only ship in the game where you can take someone elses in PvE source: Me - I've done this a few times where people have kindly left them in my shipyards
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