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  1. If you have someone on in the morning around 0830-0900 that can join the party you can talk with our company leader we have a few other things we are looking for and I think you would probably have them as well we can group it all up and make a big buy all at once if you have someone who can join a Xbox party and meet us close to your island to drop off the goods and pick up the gold
  2. Yea I tried yesterday it’s way too laggy over there could one of your guys meet me tomorrow morning around say 0900 central standard US time a island over or something we are on Xbox and would like to buy a bear with the highest stats you have melee being the most important but all other stats would be great too I have gold ready to go just can’t get on your island it keeps dashboarding my game my gamertag is ValleyForge1989 you can message me there if you are interested And please make sure it is a breedable bear I want to breed it so we can have enough bears for my company to have good bears to run maps and work with
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