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  1. They didnt listen to anyone.. literally roll back the server! This barrels being shot out of anything is insane and will ruin this game. Start LISTENING!
  2. I made a new character after no one contacted me back... got it to lvl 65 max 117 and it happened AGAIN!!!! went to spawn on a bed game booted me out, tried to sign back in and its prompting me to make a new character!! This needs to be fixed!! I have put to many hours/days into this game with no response from support after putting tickets in for this issue! Can support please get in touch with me so we can remedy this!
  3. I was doing discos when my game crashed, I try to spawn back in and its making me make a new character. My company admin informed me that I was removed from my company aswell (im owner). The company log is filled is all weird aswell
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