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  1. I started yesterday. I cannot build any structure in freeport, therefore I cannot make a smithy and therefore I cannot make my tools. So, question A) How can craft items if I can't build my own base? I went out trying to find an island to build my base, and discovered the entire square on the map is freeport. I spent two hours floating on my crappy ship to the next closest island. It then told me I couldn't build where in a "lawless zone" B) How can I tell from looking at the map where I am allowed to build? Then players told me that all the islands on the map were claimed and I wouldn't find one. I'd have to pay someone rent. I don't even have 1 gold piece yet or have a clue what I am doing... C) Where can I safely tore my goodies then? Finally, I get online and google land claims, and it seem it has changed mechanics several times, so I don't even know how they currently work. D) How do land claims work today?
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