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  1. warhealer

    Game is moving in the right direction

    I agree, but remember nothing is permanent at this point. There will be a lot more altering and balancing in the coming two years.
  2. warhealer

    I bow to you, developers

    I'm pretty sure they they will get ahead of the problems at some point. Ark for example had worse problems and they did figure them out for the most part. If you're really not enjoying the game in the current state i would just lay it aside for now and keep an eye on some streamers or patch notes. That's how i usually deal with it, i did test several games in beta/alpha/early access.
  3. warhealer

    I bow to you, developers

    Yeah, it did surprise me that they didn't have those mechanics since the beginning. But it is still very early access, so i think they will implement those.
  4. warhealer

    I bow to you, developers

    Playing solo is indeed very hard at the moment. We don't really have mechanics yet that support small groups/ solo players. I'm hoping as well that they will come sooner then later..
  5. The game supposed to be designed for large groups.. So it isnt really intended for a solo player or a small group.. But still, i agree with you. Eve has a bit of the same concept like atlas, but they have game mechanics that support smaller groups and solo players. And atlas doesn't have that yet sadly.
  6. To balance them they need to be active so it can be tested. We are the testers if you didn't figure that out yet.. I agree that the devs made bad decisions here and there but i have no doubt that they will get fixed, but currently they have bigger issues to work on.
  7. Offline raid protection makes no sense in this game. When a big group is playing the server is most likely full so you cant attack on day times. With offline raid protection, you cant attack at night either. So what ends up happening? You cant attack at daytime because big company's and alliances have most of their grids almost full off players. And you can't attack at night because there is offline protection. doesn't make sense at this stage of the game.. we have far bigger things to worry about.
  8. warhealer

    NA-PvP "Territory Maps"

    Aah i see, cool man
  9. I have not seen any Chinese players as well. So i don't know what to say about it.. One thing i know is that snail games is a Chinese company. And Grapeshot games + Wildcard studios fall under Snail games, so i doubt that they will ever region lock it.
  10. warhealer

    Server Peformance IS HORRIBLE

    It is how it is at the moment. They are working hard every day to try to improve it, give it some time.
  11. warhealer

    NA-PvP "Territory Maps"

    Very nicely done, I'm hearing it isn't accurate, is that possible? I hope they make it easier to track in the future so we can make these maps easier.
  12. I would suggest to join a company, it gives you a safe haven most of the time.. Don't get to attached your items in-game.. that's not how atlas works really, especially not on the pvp server. You will build up levels and skills points that are very important. And experience in doing things like sailing a ship can be very important later on. The initiated collection isn't that bad to be honest if you know how to do it. I can get from scratch to metal tools pretty quickly.. a raft is also very fast to make. Finding a nice group/company was the hardest for me.
  13. warhealer

    GrapeShot/WildCard needs a common sense Manager!

    If you really played more ea games than would have posted this. This clearly states you have no idea what you're talking about. '' I can live with bugs, server down time, ´╗┐delays, '' Seriously? and you can't wait for development,balancing and changing of mechanics? If you think those things have to be good right from the start then you're delusional. Those are 100% early access events. I would suggest refunding the game, clear your tears, and play a game that is EA in your eyes.
  14. warhealer

    Captain's Log 13: Updates Ho!

    Great work. Respect for you guys how many hours you work each day to fix the bugs.
  15. warhealer

    Ghost Ships, Really?

    I think what he means is that he doesn't understand early access yet. No problem, more people don't understand that.