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  1. blitzed909

    Ships Added then Removed from Company

    yes they appear for submarines as well as dinghies
  2. blitzed909

    Dealing with land squatters?

    yup correct, your base should be safe, but any new structures you place will need to last 24 hours again
  3. blitzed909

    Dealing with land squatters?

    once a structure is placed the owners have 24 hours to delete it, new owners of an island don't get the option to demolish structures if they have been there already (so having the claim change owners won't help)
  4. blitzed909

    The end game

    Nope, his real name is the abominable snowman i think, but he has a lot of yetis to defeat in the cave as well (and he looks like a giant yeti so that's probably why people often refer to him as such) https://atlas.gamepedia.com/Ice_Dungeon
  5. blitzed909

    The end game

    Notown, there is indeed a yeti boss in the polar islands that can be completed on easy or hard mode like the kraken, and similar to it you need to have all 9 powerstones to enter it's cave
  6. blitzed909

    Support ticket

    you can join the official atlas discord https://discord.gg/wn3rAb but the ticket system is really the best way to contact the devs for in game action
  7. blitzed909

    Getting rid of inactive ships?

    you can no longer sink peoples boats on pve by over crew or over weight if the boat is fully anchored (green) ships should disappear on pve if no one goes on them for 3 weeks (since you have probably stepped on them recently to see about over weighting it the timer probably has reset)
  8. blitzed909

    Where to breed penguins????

    penguins should be able to breed in the polar region, one of the things i would suggest is to hold H to see where exactly you are, then check other areas of the island to see if there is another place there that you can try that says something different. for example, when i bred animals on my home island there were some areas on it that register differently and animals were not able to breed there, but if i took them 100 feet further they would breed just fine
  9. blitzed909

    Tame levels

    an animals level is determined by their stats ... you could have 2 level 41 animals mate but that wouldn't guarantee a level 41 baby would come out, it would depend which stats the baby inherited from each parent. the way people get very high level babies is by combining very good stats from mother and father. this can take a lot of time depending how lucky you are. www.exploreatlas.co.uk has a very good animal calculator that you can use to see how many points your animals have in each stat category
  10. blitzed909

    why can i not take care of my sheeps

    i heard they only work if you're in first person?
  11. blitzed909

    What happened to the seahorse??

    maybe i read it wrong but my understanding was the seahorse wasn't tamable anyways
  12. blitzed909

    Animals feeding

    the only way to feed animals at this time is with the trough .. but 3 days they should be ok if you have a full one I keep several for my animals but my meat eaters i hand feed every few days and they haven't starved yet *cross fingers* Unless they are babies they don't eat that much, I use grown vegetables or celery for mine which last a lot longer than berries
  13. blitzed909

    Island owner rights?

    Sorry to hear the new owner isn't happy with you guys as settlers. If i were you I would just move to another island rather than engage with them and waste your time. I know that probably doesn't seem ideal to you since you have lived there longer than they have but it is a risk you take when you settle somewhere. A lot of island owners don't mind settlers but some would rather have the place to themselves and I feel that's within their rights. You have the right to try to stay there and fight with them but since it's their claim they can do more to bother you than you can to bother them. There are probably a lot of islands that can be claimed since the population is so low, or other people willing to sell you a claim on an island they don't need, and of course there is always lawless or finding an owner that wants you there.