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  1. blitzed909

    What happened to the seahorse??

    maybe i read it wrong but my understanding was the seahorse wasn't tamable anyways
  2. blitzed909

    Animals feeding

    the only way to feed animals at this time is with the trough .. but 3 days they should be ok if you have a full one I keep several for my animals but my meat eaters i hand feed every few days and they haven't starved yet *cross fingers* Unless they are babies they don't eat that much, I use grown vegetables or celery for mine which last a lot longer than berries
  3. blitzed909

    Island owner rights?

    Sorry to hear the new owner isn't happy with you guys as settlers. If i were you I would just move to another island rather than engage with them and waste your time. I know that probably doesn't seem ideal to you since you have lived there longer than they have but it is a risk you take when you settle somewhere. A lot of island owners don't mind settlers but some would rather have the place to themselves and I feel that's within their rights. You have the right to try to stay there and fight with them but since it's their claim they can do more to bother you than you can to bother them. There are probably a lot of islands that can be claimed since the population is so low, or other people willing to sell you a claim on an island they don't need, and of course there is always lawless or finding an owner that wants you there.
  4. blitzed909

    pve Unicorns and Scissors Galore, EU PVE

    Thank you! The only animals left that are pictured (there are more that haven't had their photo ops yet) are Crows #3, #4, #5, Monkeys #1 and #2 and Bears #1 and #2 Please look for new updates with my new trade partner on their discord (Pink Fluffy Unicorns) as I will be uploading new stock there first in the future! Discord invite ZZ4rMKU
  5. blitzed909

    pve Unicorns and Scissors Galore, EU PVE

    i don't know what that is capt caveman .. are you calling me some kind of scammer? lol my animals don't have rabies or worms, they have all been checked by a vet xD
  6. blitzed909

    pve Unicorns and Scissors Galore, EU PVE

    monkeys #3 and #4, parrot #3, horse #1, cow #1 and elephant have all gone to a new home and no longer available
  7. blitzed909

    pve Unicorns and Scissors Galore, EU PVE

    parrots 2 & 4 and ostrich 4 are no longer available, good luck to them in their new home
  8. blitzed909

    pve Unicorns and Scissors Galore, EU PVE

    thanks very much! have to give my computer a break from high graphics now before it explodes
  9. blitzed909

    pve Unicorns and Scissors Galore, EU PVE

    Thank you for your custom, happy doing business with you, as promised here are some of my larger animals These ostriches are 40g/level, get from one side of your island to the other in a flash! They have six other friends over level 40 looking for homes. Ostriches temporarily out of stock Do you prefer to get there fast on horseback? These ponies are ready to run! Their price is 45g/level, many colours to choose from, twenty horses from level 35+ No Horse pictures available Got Milk? Bring home a Moo Cow to quench that vitamin D problem and thirst, several cows available in various colours along with many bulls for their pleasure. Cows are 10g/level and Bulls are 20g/level No Bull/Cow pictures available Last but not least are just 2 of my many bears for sale, over level 60s are 60g/level, 50s are 50g/level and 44-49 40g/level and under 44 are 20g/level, breedable options may be available for extra fee. These bears are still improving and will only get better as time goes on, but for now they are still great to have on any treasure map hunt. Thanks for taking the time to browse
  10. blitzed909

    pve Unicorns and Scissors Galore, EU PVE

    Parrot stock sold out temporarily
  11. blitzed909

    pve Unicorns and Scissors Galore, EU PVE

    Watch out for flying poop!!! These adorable monkeys will defend you with their feces and give you a small health regeneration buff, set them up in turret mode and keep all the pests at bay. 10 of their friends want to set sail soon!
  12. blitzed909

    pve Unicorns and Scissors Galore, EU PVE

    Hello again, here are a few more animals that are for sale now at Latchgrave Ait in D11 These lovely birds and 30 of their friends need to find forever homes. My standard price is 50g/level, breedable options are available for an extra fee, but don't be shy about fair negotiations. Crows are great for mitigating fall damage and boosting intelligence for those blueprint crafts, colours vary.
  13. blitzed909

    pve Unicorns and Scissors Galore, EU PVE

    p.s i also sell fertilized eggs if you're in a gambling mood maturing right now are 5 more lvl 54+ bears, 3 lvl 44 ostriches, 2 40+ parrots and a couple of lvl 49+ cows .. so many babies so little time!
  14. blitzed909

    pve Unicorns and Scissors Galore, EU PVE

    ok great, i'll start the preparations and set sail soon, lvl 51 bear to N6, breedable for a total of 4400g