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  1. The ARK DevKit has been fixed, when are the developers going to actually fix our DevKit? It hasn't had an update since around October, and now mod authors cannot publish new mods due to the Int32 Bug!
  2. This. I guess they had to add in some made up questions (or at the very least picked the easiest questions to answer) to distract us from the failure of a patch they just put out. You guys realize your "ground work" patch broke the game more, right?
  3. I mean I like the map idea, but its seeming the execution was off.... My biggest gripe right now is it doesn't seem possible to 6x resources for myth blueprints. Why only one grid out of over 100+ grids with a single type of resource. So a company can lock it down and not give access to the rest of the population? They need to fix this ASAP.... Or add more resources to the current islands, in the form of Blackwood where there were a lot of resource types on one island.
  4. Wow.... hopefully they fix this soon then.... How are people supposed to 6x at this rate? Especially on unofficial servers.
  5. After looking on both exploreatlas and antihax it seems we're missing quite a few resources to 6x for Blueprints unless that was changed?
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