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  1. I say with the cost of gold then ship should be like gold! They should be able to not sink so easy! The ships still sink and get destroyed just as easy as before. I myself spent time getting gold for just the schooner. Got the thing built thought yeah I'm getting some where I no more then went threw the shimmer to have a blockade of ghost ships waiting on the other side for me to Sink it. .. I have not played Atlas scent. And I'm hoping something will change, or It might be finally done with this game for good.
  2. Seeing the cost of Ships to just build the thing just to have it sink just the same. The cost of gold just to have a armored dock. What is next? Is it going to take gold coins to tame a bear? It would not Surprise me. I'm a old guy beta tested games sense the 90's. In all my years I have never seen developers so unplug from what players have been asking and what the developers have promised. Have you ever heard to the term. When you make a plan you stick to the plan! How many different plans have you laid out the US the fans that want this game to Work? Have you follow through on any of them? You should go back to the plan that had the atlas roadmap. Phase 1# quality of life Improvement, bug fixes & Performance increases. Phase 2# seas, ships & sails. Phase 3# skills & combat. Phase 4# world, claiming and taming creatures! This supposed to be a fun game not having to grind for everything like gold when all you want to do is sail the seven seas and have great ship battle s and dig up treasures. Drink some rum!
  3. Sad part is the schooner still gets damaged and sinks the same. If we are going to need to pay that kind of gold just to build the thing. It should be able to be a stronger ship and can take a better beating
  4. I believe the developers are either lost or maybe just don't Care about this game anymore. If it was me I would really go back to the basics. Get rid of the trading towers. Put in some auction houses at the Freeport and shops like the first trailer indicated. Add a few more ships that we can build on.
  5. For PVP I would have a retractable harpoon cable or grappling hook with winch. That you could shoot from your ship that you would want to board. With that after you have boarded and manage to kill everyone and destroy their beds. You raid what you want. And order for you grappling hook to disengage you have the option to sink the ship and get a raid and boarding credit. leave the Ship a float or claim the ship. You Can Sale the ship you Have capture!
  6. If I was throne the keys saying here it's yours. With price of the ships to build now. As a owner you want to make money also to help support the game and make some coin yourself but want to keep it playable for all even players that can't just buy gold. How i would do it. Let say if your new looking to buy the game. There is two options. Buy the Basic Game which is what we have to grind for gold to get a schooner Now. And I would have a beginners package where for a extra Say $10 dollars you get $5000 gold or credit to build schooner when you place down your small shipyard. I would have it where your ship is hard to sink. Yes your Sails and cannons can be damaged and destroyed. Where you are just a sitting duck but the sinking of the ship it's self takes a long long time. Shifting it to where your ship as the main home for you or your friends. You can also buy skins to place on to you ship like, the steering wheel we have already that you can get with Gold. There would be the grind for the player that doesn't want to put for the gold, but also a option to buy gold. To help the support of the game. I would also have special offers and special skins that you can buy for your self to where or to customize your ship. I would have a auction house at the ports for you to bring you goods to to also sale to get Gold or trade for Goods. I would also have missions you can come to the port and Do. Maybe the port you are at needs 10,000 pine logs. Go get it and get your 200 Gold coin for doing So. This is some of the things I would do to the game if I was Boss.
  7. My question is to you is. If you was the Boss of this game. What would you do to make this a game everyone wanted to play and pay? Let's Hear it? Your the Boss at the end of the table. What do you want to make this Work?
  8. True they Do need money that is why there in the business of doing this in the first place. The problem developers have a wall up from the players that love the game and want to see the game work. They seem to be going in the wrong direction. I myself have been here playing from the beginning. There are promises they have made from the beginning that they have Not yet fulfilled or it this point if ever. A gaming community Called the Darkside have been listening to the players and have been working on there 5.0 season of Atlas. You should check them out. There 4.0 Season was great and fun to play. With the modes they have added and develop. You would think the Atlas developers would want to take notes and bring it to the main server for all players. But it seems the Atlas team Don't have the same passion and it's more like a chore. If it's money they need. Throw out some skins to buy for your ship or something. Players will buy them!
  9. I think if we got to pay that much like $5000 for just a schooner. Then that schooner should not sink as easy like it still does. I just spent my time getting the $5000 gold to build a schooner, just to have it sink as soon as I went there a shimmer to have gallon ghost ship waiting for me on the other side.. Not happy.
  10. If we got to get the amount of Gold to just to build a schooner. Then the Ships should be able to not sink so easily like before. As a solo player just getting $5000 Gold takes sometime. And to have your schooner sunken to the bottom of the sea as soon as you go threw a shimmer with ghost ships waiting for you on the other side. Just to sink what you work so hard for. Make me not want to play! Ships should be the price we pay for!
  11. What would be really Cool is if I could bury my own treasure. Especially in PVP. Where you need a shovel to bury your own stuff and would need a Shovel to un-bury. Now granite if another player has a Shovel of there own and know where you put it. Or just got lucky they could dig it up. So hide it good. But that would be cool if you could bury your own treasure.
  12. I think with the Cost of the Ship so high of gold. The ships should be made with Gold. You still get hit damage and sink the same. Ship should be able to take a little more beating.
  13. I would love to see some kind of attachment on the side of your ship where you can use a commercial net to get fish and fish oil.
  14. You would think they would want you to stay because of the tax they get from you?
  15. I think PVE and PVP could be together just make some PVE territories on the same map.
  16. On the solo for sub I think there should be maybe a Cage with the diving suit that a solo player could lower into the deep water that you could swim from and to for safety or something like that.
  17. Ramming Ship?!! Is this the Roman age? No! this is the Pirate ago! Give us different ships of that time period that we can build on!!!! Is it really that much to ask for!
  18. First all I Never said Ark was flawless or do you see any post here that I typed saying that it is. I'm just stating conversation that I hope other will talk about Helping this Game. And Hope the wall that seems to be between the developers and players that have been here from the beginning. Ark gots more going on then Atlas. Players maybe not you, want to see more things like ships added that was promise to us the players from the beginning. And why the developers still are not listen or deliver?
  19. https://m.facebook.com/groups/2569609003061152/permalink/3624609157561126/
  20. All hands on deck players that love the game and want this to work. Again try to Voice your opinion on what you think will help the game.. in my mind and what I have seen to make a game successful. You need to make money and keep bringing players back to want to keep playing the game. Even the free to play games have away to keep making money! Does Atlas have this? No it doesn't! Ark has maps and skins and holiday skins that you can get if you get achievements or kill a boss. Atlas doesn't have this. Why is there Chinese skin sails but no Chinese Galley to put it on. Where are the Ships of the Sea? Why are the cost of Making a ship so high that we are now land loves and not at sea. You need to make money have skins that players can buy to help support the game. They will pay for it! especially if they love the game, want to see it succeed and want to show there stuff off. Maybe have a starter chest that players can get or some times fine that have real treasure in it. Like skins for your sails or skins for players. Not sea grapes!
  21. That the talk in the game What is wrong with the developers! Why are they not listen to the players that want this game to work! Why does it seem like there heads are in the sand! We been ask and been told from the beginning that there would be more things like ships. How many more year will I wait and will I be dead of old age before if any other ships be added into the game.
  22. Yes I have Been playing this game myself from the beginning. And everything that players have been asking for has fallen on death ears! We love the Game! We want the game to Work. Things like add a few different types of ship frames that we can build and customize ourselves. More then just one kind of sword or clothing. It's the small stuff that goes a long way. But again We are shouting in the dark!
  23. I think more types of ships! And more custom for the ships! I would love to put thatch on to a sloop or schooner to give it a Chinese Ship look with the skin sails you can get.
  24. Ark has Dinos that plays love. Atlas is supposed to be a Pirate game. What do Pirates like? Rum, Gold and there ships! There only 4 shell type class you can build from and I'm sorry but they are wrong! Your Galleon is a " Ship of the line" class. Put in a smaller Man of War! Where are all the smaller class frame ships that players can build on? Why can we have different types of cannons not all cannons where the same! Why is there only one sword? There was many types! These are some of the things that myself and other players have been Saying from the beginning of this Game! We want this Game to work! We want to see this Game be as popular as Ark! Why don't you listen and care as much as We do! Adding just a few of these things can go a long way! Players I ask in game all day the same thing. Why? And How Come?
  25. I think the price for the brig and gallon could be more but think the schooner should be a little cheaper. Ship sinks just as quick before. Maybe if the sinking was not so fast where you could run her to ground and have time to fix her it would not be that bad. All I see now are cheap sloops on the water.
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