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  1. Just a simple mod i made over a year ago that still works flawlessly.* it's a mod that takes the functionality of the lamp hook and puts it in the form of a pointy stick. why you may ask, simple, cause with this you can place skulls and heads on it as well. The Pointy Stick Mod *as far as i have been able to test in single player. confirmation of working order for servers would be much appreciated.
  2. probably only once the ppl who play the game and make massive mods for it get brought into the company like some did in ark. cause clearly they dont play they're game, or they'd know how broken it is. and even if they do play it, it's probably only surface level testing, eg: "it didnt crash, ship it!"
  3. asked in a twitter reply as well but might as well make sure it doesn't get missed. How would a modder go about adding a table to, and accessing a dedicated server's database to allow that data to be accessed in multiple cells pretty much simultaneously? it could also work setting up another database along side it, but as long as the tables don't collide i don't see where adding it to the main one would much of a problem.
  4. oh sorry for not having the entire legal system of all 195 countries in the world fully memorized. (sarcasm) and yeah, i'll try that, just like you did...
  5. our map already exists, we DONT WANT THEIRS. but because they removed islands we're using instead of just leaving them be we have only 2 options, restart everything, or tell everyone not to update and say tough shit to anyone who already has. which is bullshit of the highest order. i mean they cant even claim it's clearing bloat when they have tone of ark shit that could be cleared long before that. free speech is only valid in public places in America, NOT privately owned spaces, eg forums, coffee shops, or anywhere online.
  6. "Custom Servers using any islands that are no longer in the build may see errors and it is recommended that server owners perform a wipe and swap out these islands in the ServerGridEditor", i think the work grapeshot is looking for is 'required', not 'recommended'....
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