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  1. Has anyone actually gotten a trade to complete on the market yet? I have our islands two metal types and 1 wood type up for 1:1 trades for all the other types, and 5:1 on ironwood, we captured both trade post things in our grid, own our island, have a taxation bank near the warehouse & market, accepted trade route invites from all kinds of people, and still I haven't seen a single resource show up from the market. I feel like I'm doing something wrong, or it's not working/broken. (PvE).
  2. My company (Dark Vanguard, PvE, home island C11) just received a server admin message from an admin who added himself to our company and told us we had 48 hours to remove "all spam structures surrounding C11" or action would be taken on our company. The admin then removed himself from the company, so I'm posting here as I don't know any other way of contacting him. Our company does not have "spam structures" on our island. I don't know what the admin is talking about. If he wants to reach out and clarify this statement, and tell us how exactly we are violating the code of conduct I would be happy to speak to him.
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