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    Please fix the rocks.

    The rocks are a hit or miss since I can remember, the rocks are solid objects, I can walk onto them and jump off but when I try to mine some rocks there is nothing there to mine just a blank rock. Its really frustrating, especially when you are trying to build a base and you cant mine a rock so you either move or build around it. I'm sure i'm not the only one experiencing this problem (Tile O4). Please help. Thanks!
  2. Smartie

    Creature Designer

    Make snakes tameable.
  3. I agree with Vaylain 100%. What i'm wondering is why people don't agree, do you honestly play Atlas 24/7 to the point you don't sleep? Or maybe you haven't experienced being griefed because you're in a big clan that likes to terrorize people in game even though they pose no threat. There is a difference between PvP and griefing. I've had such a bad experience with NoNoNo that I cant even stand to play NA PvP anymore, I hate it now. "Im gonna make sure you hate this game and never play again." is what it feels like they're saying. You could be building a little hut and out of nowhere they appear and kill you steal your stuff, then you're back a square 1, make your metal tools. Half of us have to live on lawless lands because all big companies are too egotistic to share their land and they'll still go out of their way to go to lawless lands say its "theirs" and unleash. I cant express how frustrating it is... I dont care if its PvP, there is a boundary. Its like why don't you go pick on a crew your own size. Or do some treasure maps, bullies.