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  1. 3 minutes ago, The D Legacy said:

    i dont have any problem with you asking questions, nor i do if you still enjoy the game, as i have mentioned in other posts of mine, i dont want people to think like me, i just want people tho be informed, so they are able to take good decisions, wich is why i share and explain my perspective, other than that we can only wait and see what happens.

    I understand, and do appreciate your perspective. I know you’re justified to have the views you have. There’s in fact a LOT of justified rage about how things have gone. 

    The fact is, if you’ve been playing since day one like some of us have, or are brand new and this is your first wipe, all anyone really wants to know now is what’s going to come next. And that’s why, with the greatest of respect, I’m trying to keep the post angled towards the future. 

    Please don’t view this as an insult to your experience, we just want some insight is all. 


    6 minutes ago, Whitehawk said:

    Btw you post on a forum but don't expect a debate?  Also there are direct ways to contact devs too. And don't worry I wont be replying again as the only opinion you seem to care about is your own, then it sorta makes communication pointless anyway. You can also go on discord, sometimes the devs will speak to you there. Bon Voyage.

    Thank you for your contribution. 

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  2. 8 minutes ago, Whitehawk said:

    Kingston, I'd just like to point out that I did give proper answers to your debate and I have no idea what you mean by rage, I thought my opinion was perfectly reasonable especially in reply to the point you made of everyone knowing a wipe was coming, No they did not all know . And the old saying goes, if you don't have the courage to face the lions, don't try to be a martyr. But anyway all said and done not all players will share each others views, u need to accept that.

    This was NEVER intended as a debate post 🙂 

    And I refuse to make it into one and take away from the purpose of the original content. The setting was supposed to be the future, not the past. 

    The post is intended as a set of questions to the developers with the hope that others would add more in comments that may ultimately be partly answered in the next major bulletin. 

    I hope there will be more questions forthcoming and if you have your own, please ask! 


  3. Yes. I’m new here. I said that at the start. To the forums that is, not the game. 

    And genuinely, I’m very sorry that people have had such a bad history with the game or more directly previous developers. But note that most of our alliance guys have been playing since day one through all the Chinese hacking and before. Some of the questions are from them. 

    And for those of us who haven’t lost all faith completely and still get a degree of enjoyment out of the game, we have to hope the third one is the charm. I’m not defending the actions of previous staff that have let down the player base but if the new ones let us down as well then soon there’s won’t  be a game left to discuss anyway will there? 


  4. 1 minute ago, Cpt.Yarrr said:

    I don't want to sink your ship filled with questions yet matey, but do realize this game is going to start allover again. Knowing the fact you want devs to answer those burning powderboxes, I still want to ask you to get your hopes a bit tempered. In general you ask the new team to give you a sort of certain promise to keep them to their answers, I don't think thats going to happen. However, it would be nice to get some more details on some of your questions to be enlightened. 

    I have some questions to add tho;


    I'm a day 1 player (only PvE), but after the last wipe I just gave up returning again.

    The buildingbug wich keeps on haunting this game since day 1, will this be fixed? Or at least adressed/changed to ARK build ways to prevent structures from collapsing into thin air?

    Taming wild animals, like giraffes and elephants, will this have a more "natural" process? And sorry to say this, but knocking them out ( or trapping, then knocking them out and keep them KO like in ARK) can be made way more difficult (thus more prepwork). Keeping them safe during longer tamingtimes is a sport of it's own 😉

    Is it possible to make PvE more pointed out to the E from enviroment? Maybe some quests involving taming/breeding or building base/ships? 

    Can there be an specified option for soloplayers? They get some perks only useable for soloplay wich will be destroyed/opted out when they decide to team up. 

    Will there be a BETA for PvE this time prior to the launch?


    Thats it for my part, I hope you get some answers. 


    Oh, almost forgot,

    Captains Hat skin. We ever gonna see that one?


    First off...thank you. It’s nice to have a comment which adds more questions! All of which are very good points. 

    I also appreciate your directness. 

    Yes. Fully aware the game will be brand new and fresh now. What’s important to us especially is how it’s new and fresh which is the main factor into if we return in July. What we’re hoping from our questions is to be able to make that decision. 

    Also, trust me when I say my hope in the new devs is pretty much the only thing keeping me interested now. It’s already been tempered by recent events but if I don’t at least try and have faith in the new community team, I may as well just uninstall the game now. 

    And if they do go as far as making promises which then get broken, and show they’re no different to the old crew, that will likely be exactly what ends up happening. It’s all on them now for us. I have to have hope the new team is better. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Whitehawk said:

    Not sure the wall street crash is a good analogy, as it lead to the great depression, and was only placated by the second world war where we all lost millions of civillians and soldiers. Also there was a lot of fraud involved in banking that lead up to the wall street crash.  As for the wipe, they did promise on xbox release that there would be no more wipes.It's not the promises you make, it's the promises you break, that people will remember. But all the comments we make on here at the moment whether positive or negative towards Atlas are just speculation. As we won't find out which way the games heading yet. I am on the fence as to which way they will go.  I know what I hope for, but I just have to wait.

    I think you’re missing my point and focusing on the wrong thing a bit there. But I’m not going to allow this to become a debate about semantics...I’m sorry you didn’t like my analogy but to be honest I’d have much rather you had mainly commented on the post rather than just responding to other comments! 

    And once again...NEW DEVS. Give them a chance to hang themselves before you tar them with the same brush as previous staff who have let you down. 

    And the whole point of me making this post right now is that everything currently is uncertain. Why do you think I’ve asked 12 detailed questions asking for clarification on future gameplay? 

    Smh...people...I get you’ve all been burned. But guess what...so have we!! Our alliance has just as much right to be mad about all this as any of you. But that won’t get us anywhere will it? 

    For the record as well...while I welcome constructive comments from people, this was never intended as a s**tpost. So please guys...if you’re gonna comment on here, at least add to my questions instead of using my post as a platform to vent your personal rage. 

    Not a single person who has commented yet has added any questions. That was what I’d hoped for, some kind of community feedback post where everyone had their chance to ask some questions, get some clarification etc..

    Perhaps my own faith was misplaced and I should’ve been just sending my questions to the devs? I have now edited the post to clarify what it’s intended for at the bottom, so hopefully comments from this point will include more requests for information about the future instead of focusing on what now can’t be changed from the past. 


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  6. Have you still continued to play for those 18 months while giving feedback? If so then you obviously still enjoy the game and have accepted it may change over time. But have had the faith to play it regardless. We all knew a wipe was coming, 2x was on way too long for there not to be. 

    Its like the Wall Street crash...people will either recover from it and carry on as before with the knowledge and experience of the game and probably end up stronger than before or will call it a day and find something different. Either way, there will be new players constantly coming in so the devs look at the bigger picture. 

    They won’t want to alienate their player base if it can be avoided though, and I hope this will be the last wipe. 

    We have 3 new developers at least now. We can only speculate on what happened to the old ones, but perhaps they’ve been replaced because they weren’t paying attention? 

    If they’re anything worth their salt, now will be the time they’re going through community posts and taking note of what’s being said. Especially after the recent changes. Now may be the best time therefore to present some of your feedback. 


  7. 1 hour ago, Bongo_Mac said:

    I don't need to know any of that I just want it better than it was.

    Well then ask some questions of your own if you like that are more relative to your own play style. Feel free, the more feedback the devs get from the player base the better right? 

    Unless they have specific information on what you didn’t like and why, they can’t ever look to address the issues you have to improve gameplay for people. 


  8. 1 hour ago, Ranger1k said:

    Wow 12 questions and not a SINGLE answer...

    To be honest, though it would be nice I’m not expecting the new community guys to respond to this post directly as I said towards the end.

    The main thing for me is that the devs at least read it and answer some if not all of our questions in their next bulletin as I feel they could definitely do that. 

    Also, please remember to keep comments calm and be civil people...or we will never get a response of any kind. They get the message we’re mad already, let’s not drag it out or we won’t get anywhere now. 


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  9. 9 minutes ago, Bluestone said:

    Hi there, I don't have any definite answers to your questions and from your opening comments it seems you grasp the basics I would have otherwise mentioned, so instead I reduced your font size and removed the resulting deadspace that created since you said you couldn't see how to from mobile. Hopefully you don't mind, it should make it easier for others to read your well presented post.

    If that be the case, you have my thanks. 

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  10. Ahoy everyone! 

    First off, sorry for the huge font size! I wrote the post in my phone notes to make sure I covered everything and can’t work out how to change it after it was copied and pasted here! 😁

    So (if you can’t tell) I’m new to the forums, normally I just hide and travel through them and watch with popcorn whenever something big goes off. But with everything that’s happened recently I’ve made an account specifically to create this post addressed to the new community team and pass along a series of questions from our alliance that were all playing The Gorgon’s Gaze. 

    Before the questions though, I’d just like to say welcome to the community to the three new developers who we’ve met so far. I hope you can keep the dream alive while also paying close attention to what your fans are saying, unlike a lot of developers for games which looked promising to begin with but ultimately failed because of breakdowns with fans. Without one you can’t have the other and all that...

    Also, I have to say that I currently personally class Atlas as my all time favourite game. And as I’m physically disabled, I’ve played a lot of games, but none that have hooked me as much as Atlas has. I become physically absorbed into the game when playing, and I just hope that my PVE based love for it now doesn’t turn to hate as I want absolutely nothing to do with PVP. If I did I’d play other games. I know PVE will still exist before people start blowing off, but let’s just say a lot of us don’t see the need for change when nothing (game mode related at least) seemed broken or in need of change. A lot of us feel we’ve lost everything for no good reason and are eager to see what the cost has bought us. 

    Please note that the following are questions from 12 individuals, and not just all from me. The questions themselves reflect what’s most important about playing the game to each person, and how they’re answered may be the difference between people playing from July or not bothering anymore, something which I’m sure goes far wider than our alliance group. The questions aren’t listed in any kind of order of importance as they are all equally as important as far as we’re concerned. 

    Q1. With the closure of The Gorgon’s Gaze, what is the long term plan on the roadmap for all the  PVE players who have now lost their main server? Will there be a brand new server established with the newly released world map active for us to return to or are we all now expected to merge onto one server after July? 

    Q2. As is the case with the majority of people on The Gorgon’s Gaze, we have spent literally months worth of playing time establishing ourselves as a stable company of 10 people, and played as part an alliance. We had several levels from the discoveries, a fleet of 5 schooners (2 of which were mythic), a brig and a mythic galleon. Not to mention the builds and tames (some of which being from Golden Age) spread across 6 grids and countless full days collecting gold to sustain our 58 point island. Will any of this progress be taken into account if we decide to still play? Perhaps at the very least, anyone who had already spent the time helping you develop your game to lose everything literally overnight could have some kind of unique skin on their account to show their continued commitment after losing all progress should they chose to start over? 

    Q3. With the map adjustment, will you still be able to sail over the edges of the world and end up on the other side? Also, while other types of grid have been mentioned on the latest announcement, there is no info yet on where the Freeports will be. Will they still be included or will there be new ways now to recruit crews, buy skins and of course tame cats? 

    Q4. Pathfinders have lost everything. What kind of new content can be expected? Or will we just have the same features with an adjusted map? Even SOME insight to new stations etc might be enough to swing people back to playing from July. For example, a way of taking the salt out of sea water such as a boiling station? Which could require alloy and gems and be far down on the skill tree to make it hard to get? Mechanical Filtering existed in the era the game is set in after all. 

    Q5. Are we going to see any changes to the skill trees in general such as the amount of points it takes to buy skills? Will there be as many quest skills now or have some been lost to a smaller map or bunched together like on Blackwood? 

    Q6. The main difference in base building between PVP players vs PVE is that PVE players build for keeps. We want our structures to be noticed and appreciated and remain as a form of overall progress. Will this be the final wipe? Or should we all just wait until the game is released to start playing again? 

    Q7. Will there be any changes to taming, breeding and pathfinder levelling stats? Will discoveries now count for more points or will the max level be reduced to take into account what definitely appears to be a far smaller map than we had before?  

    Q8. I’m concerned about how farming will now work with the fact that equatorial now only takes up a tiny part of the map (and oddly is not centralised). Are we now going to have to fight for an inch of land in the best planting terrain? Or will farming be easier to do in the other biomes? Also, will there be any new crops? Ark had vegetables AND berries for example but to be honest I really just want to grow my own mint and limes! 

    Q9. Will pathfinders playing on ALL consoles now be able to see custom flags, canvasses and sails? Or will this still be restricted to 1X and PC players who are fortunate enough to be able to afford the higher end tech? Also, will we be able to put images taken on the pathfinder compass camera accessed by holding Y onto canvass now? 

    Q10. Will there be a fix for the big bug where if you own an island and have the settings on COMPANY ONLY, other people can still do what they like and build anyway? We had all 6 of our owned island discoveries constantly blocked by other people setting up travel agencies there, despite us constantly breaking beds and foundations when we noticed they were there from the log. In other words, we were being stopped from building on our own island without any way to correct it as the admin IGNORED all 3 of our tickets on the subject, presumably with the knowledge of the upcoming wipe. Eventually we had to check every day, it would be nice to not have this hassle. 

    Q11. Can we have a dedicated memorial gallery to post our Gorgon’s Gaze images to? That way at least our work has not been completely for nothing and our builds live on. I had a crew member who I temporarily forgot to feed once when I was new to the game and was bugged to be constantly retching. It would be nice if Lady Chuckup could live on as well in some way from our captures of her as she is definitely less replaceable and was our company mascot. 

    Q.12 Possibly the most important question on a lot of people’s minds from both PVE AND PVP...will this be the Legacy update which sees our pathfinders be able to have children? And can we PLEASE have our flying ships now? 

    I know a lot of these questions have likely already been asked, and some may have been answered. If anyone has anything they can answer, please do so. Just please keep your comments CLEAN and more importantly CALM. The Dev’s know we’re mad, but we won’t get anywhere now by freeplaying our war drums. 



    I’m not expecting a direct message response but hopefully at the VERY LEAST, the developers who introduced themselves to us recently will read this (in full preferably) and provide some of the answers with their next major announcement. It may be enough to prevent a full blown mutiny and bring some back to the fold. 

    I tried to include some of the captures we do have from The Gorgon’s Gaze in this post but wasn’t able to add them in for some reason so I’ve put them on my profile instead if anyone wishes to see them. 

    I sincerely hope to see you all on the seas (and land, as that definitely matters too) again from July, pending new info. Perhaps on a new server, appropriately titled “The Phoenix’s Flame” or something equally as worthy. 


    Yours in seamanship, 

    Kingston Towne

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