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  1. Look, my wife and I took a whole week to get caught up on what we lost with the na wipe. A week and we had a group of bears, giraffes, elephants, and 2 galleons. If you're complaining about thousands of lost hours building you're missing the point of them getting people off land and on the seas....
  2. I personally do not understand why the game would be going more towards PVP. I've seen the PVP servers there's no actual pirates on there. 90% of it is offline griefing the rest is camping free ports. To those who think that PVE players shouldn't play a pirate game you're absolutely right. they should immediately remove all cargo racks and player shops from the building selection. they should remove weight sails and anything else that is not related to piracy.... Smh. If it was just a pirate game you wouldn't have the option to be a merchant, a breeder or other things. Maybe the pvpers would like it better if y'all just made this into a pirate version of call of duty.
  3. Hopefully with the new system and map there's some kind of build limit on islands. I get tired of dashboarding as I approach an island only to load back in and my ship is crashed and I am dead because people build unnecessary structures that cause serious lag for others...
  4. I want to point out that last wipe, when they implemented cross play, they did say it was the last time. The overbuilding on many islands became a problem since console players would lag out constantly. Players who spent the same amount of money could not enjoy half the gameplay. There is absolutely no need for large massive structures on PVE. If you want to build fortresses on PVE go play Conan. At least they have an NPC army that attacks your fortresses.
  5. May I say they never said they were scrapping pve completely. They are taking down the na server to begin changing pve completely. As far as the wipe, YAY! Maybe I can actually explore some of the islands that the over builders lag me out of. Seriously, y'all want to stay on land, breed animals and build unnecessary buildings go to ARK. Let Atlas be for the pirates and explorers. I am looking forward to seeing the changes as they come out. Part of playing an unfinished game. Minecraft used to change every week. Ark changed a lot as it developed. If you seriously built massive structures on a game that is a pre-release and you're getting upset because it's getting wiped go play a finished game...
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