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  1. Its the right system, I think Devs are not monitoring them or anything in this game (its early access is the typical answer)
  2. sorry to hear, I'm not playing , at least not shipping due to the maps being jacked up. I login to get mats or feed animals and thats about it. I was woundering why all the islands were taken but no one play and know I know, Devs don't care!!
  3. After the patch , the maps are useless. Please fix! Thanks
  4. Please fix !!!!!!! Tone it down so its playable please, Cyclones every time I leave port 6/8/10 of them , they follow you and make it impossible to leave port . When I want to go play, kill ships etc automatically its fop/rain/ cyclone/nighttime/ never a beautiful day. all of that is fine but tone it down some, when there's only one person per grid seems like the AI just attacks you. Too much lag and disconnects going from one grid to another, this is better after buying and M.2 drive and put Atlas on it. Why is there no one playing? The Islands are all taken but know one is around. I play 8 to 10 hours a day (retired :)) and all hours also but no one!! Thanks
  5. I agree and would like to know the person that turned these up, they definitely don't play the game! Never fails I pull up anchor and its starts raining then the cyclones, 10 at a time with no where to go. drop anchor and its a nice day again. Its like they don't want you to play the game. Then you go out to fight ship of the damed and its fog, they see you but you can't see them. You kill one and can't find the box do to the fog. Its fricking nuts!
  6. Senior

    New World Map!

    Maybe a refund?? I just got the game a couple months and now its done? No PVE? I left World of Warcraft cause they are pushing everyone to PVP, and look at this!! I didn't see any warnings that this may be the direction you were going or I would have spent my money else where. thanks for nothing
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