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  1. as far as eastern and western go, honestly if you were to be visualizing this map as a top down viewpoint on on a glode, the east and west layout is actually accurate if assuming a traditional spin pattern and major axis tilt. not really sure how that gose for the polar and equatorial sections though, but they are also accurate to be opposite of one another. its just funny angle to be considering i guess. secondly were as i too am not super thrilled about PvP in this type of game, mainly cause its so difficult to create an acceptable balance to cater to all manners of players, whether casual or hardcore or in between. for us smaller groups of less than 5 members in company, we stand little to 0 chance against megas if they have uncontested free reign on the maps. offline destruction and griefing being huge issues, its makes it extremely hard to enjoy a game when all your effort can be wiped out with not way to stop it, contest it, or even save and retreat. for those of us that just love the concept of the game, sailing around in hard worked earned ships, successful breeding of animals to just the perfect stats, if we have no way to protect those then it feels like a huge waste of time to play the game just to see it taken away. im hoping as to what it sounds like the developers have stated this map to be, that yes they want to focus the game towards the pvp, but they dont want PvP to be the only way possible to enjoy the game. it sounds like they are moving higher risk PvP play inwards on the map as u get closer to venturing into the golden age territories. Maybe this means that there will be a more casual PvE feel if your company doesnt plan to go for end game level stuff like a full mythical galleon and whatnot, but just want to play the game for the tames and occasional exploration. its possible there will be grids further out of those golden age zones that will allow that, similar to the "ring" they implied for the lawless reginon stated around the golden age territories. i dont know if that will be appealing really, i guess its all speculative right now until we see it first hand. but they did state that they plan to just adjust the ratio in favor of PvP combat in some degree, but they didnt out right say there will be NO PvE zones period.
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