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  1. Loving this new map redesign! Still waiting to hear how you change the game and make sea content more viable though. I'm really looking forward to that.
  2. None of this would matter if land content is less of a focus anyway. We're pirates. We sail around and fight on the sea primarily. Best bet for this game's survival is to break away from the cookie-cutter model of ARK and make sea content more viable, and none of these suggestions do anything to hinder that whatsoever. If anything, it's only a benefit to separate ATLAS from ARK. It's alright if you disagree though, we can both hold our own opinions. I'm excited to see the new map either way!
  3. Looking forward to the new map. Just wanted to give my two cents on updates moving forward.I think it would be a good idea to cut down on tames and land defenses in general. Walking up onto someone's island and getting blasted by puckles hidden in trees/bushes is NOT fun gameplay whatsoever. Players have war times if they want to defend their island, they don't need tames and NPCs to do it for them. Let companies fight on their own with only player versus player, and no NPCs involved. NPCs should stay on ships.Melee and ranged combat in general needs a total rework. Everything feels way too clunky and slow with how it works right now. Players should have full freedom of movement without being slowed or stopped when attacking, and that would make land combat way more interesting and fun.A focus on sea content is great! Land content has been a focus for way too long. Solo and small groups definitely still need some PvE content though. In fact, treasure maps seriously need to be looked at in general. I think it would be beneficial to have treasure maps only send players to LAWLESS zones instead of claimable islands, due to the above issues I mentioned.The only real PvE content we get is with Army/Ship of the Damned. It would cool to have some island dedicated to raids, where players could land on them and fight NPC pirates. No building allowed. Ships of the Damned should also allow players to board and fight the NPCs, rather than only fighting with cannons. Boarding ships in PvP is some of the most fun and engaging content in the game, and we definitely need more of it!That's about all I have to say. I hope to see the fundamentals of this game turned upside on their head for a better experience altogether. The game could really use a refresher.
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