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  1. kind of wondering this myself if you get a huge company they could just go round islands and block everyone from having farmhouses by smothering the place with their own. hopefully there is something to control this.
  2. I normally just deal with the issues on here but really starting to get to me the annoyance for a fundamental tame needed for farming. My biggest gripe with taming is the elephant, you have a target behind the ear but it won't take the food. You stand by its front legs it'll hit you as soon as you're close enough to feed it. Sneak 3 seems to do absolutely nothing in fact it feels like it makes it worse. last weekend was able to sneak by its front legs and get just about close enough if i was careful without sneak skill, today over an hour with sneak 3 and get hit sometimes before i could even get close enough. I understand that a tier 3 tame shouldn't be easy but there is a big difference between difficult and next to impossible without a group of sacrifices for every single feed. I like the taming on here better than ark as it feels a lot more realistic that put a tame to sleep and it magically wakes up your best friend but some of the tames really do need their taming mechanics looking at. Where is the enjoyment in spending over an hour trying to tame a creature to be killed after 3-4 feed attempts, bola wears off and by the time you get a fresh bola on it most of your progress is gone. even if that agro box was made a little smaller would make a whole world of difference in being able to tame them.
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