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  1. You just screwed SO many people... possibly just lost a HUGE amount of your player base because of this. I would suggest you do a rollback and see if that would bring back people's ships and such... It would be in your best interest to make this right... fix what you just broke.
  2. You assholes... my fucking ships are fucking gone!! WTF did you do!! you "fix" things but you break more than you fix!! I worked hard on my ships and this update you just fucked it all up... people are missing cannons... saddles... and multiple people's ships have sunk including mine. You don't know what the fuck you are doing and it shows!! Get a different job... you SUCK at this one
  3. If you take away the ability to free build ships just because of a few people using exploits you will lose your player base. No one wants cookie cutter ships that you buy from a vending machine. Instead of punishing those that do crazy exploits you punish everyone and stifle all creativity. Believe me if you take away free build and I cannot build how I like to and customize my review will change everywhere where I have left a good review for this game and I will warn people to stay away. You cater FAR too much to the whiner and complainers instead of just dealing with the exploiters head on and making an example of them specifically by wielding the ban hammer and banning them from your official servers. Hopefully this won't affect anything but your nasty official servers which I don't play on anyways and I will continue to enjoy playing the game I love how I love it on unofficial servers. Literally played on official for maybe 2 weeks and will NEVER go back! Let us free build and make the crazy exploiters walk the plank! You but off your nose to spite your face otherwise...
  4. It baffles me as to what the reason could be for nerfing the height of a glider which the purpose of is to jump from high heights and glide down to earth... I would like to know their exact reason for doing so as well. And focus on making things fun... the glider is one of the most fun things in my opinion so it seems they like to take away a lot of the fun things
  5. You made it so we can't glide from the tops of mountains? Really? Why? Seriously the stuff you do makes absolutely no sense! Gliding is one of my favorite parts of Atlas and to do some of the maps and gather resources on tops of the pillars on islands sometimes a very NECESSARY part. Why on earth would you make it that we can only glide the height of a lighthouse? It is absurd I will ask nicely that you please change it back and ASAP. Of all the things to nerf... What is the point of a glider if you can't glide from the tops of pillars and mountains? Do any of you actually PLAY Atlas? Because it sure doesn't seem like it to me.
  6. So dare I ask what else you are going to take the XP from? How about those of us that play PvE and don't want to jump through hoops to level up? You keep taking and taking things and the only things that seem to get added are things for PvP. Could you somehow adjust things like this for just the PvP and leave some of the XP for things such as the Kraken, Powerstones, Yeti and now the XP from doing maps and killing the Army of the damned.... maybe just cut the amount rewarded from doing these things in half not cut the XP completely? Could you please have some consideration for nonofficial servers... especially non official PvE servers and their communities? Like could you update the DEVKIT so that the server owners can do things that make things nice and fun for their members? I love Atlas... have over 1800 hours in and hate seeing some of the changes the devs had made lately. You should really take a look at how many people are playing for the PvE aspects and don't play PvP and give some attention and work on things for PvE too. I closed out Steam completely and restarted Steam and the download for the update started automatically because I have auto updates on. Hope that helps.
  7. I have tried everything from verifying integrity of files, uninstalling and reinstalling the game to updating Windows to flushing my DNS and then releasing and renewing my IP and everything in between and I even have uninstalled Java and we have reset the router... and all sorts of other things. I am still getting the Invalid JSON Token Line 1 Ch:1 error. The fact I cannot get a response and make a ticket for these sort of issues makes me absolutely hate Grapeshot and Wild Card. I will NEVER buy another game buy these developers. I love this game and to logoff and then try to log back on a day or so later to get this Json token error that NOTHING resolves is infuriating. It doesn't not happen when I try to JOIN a server but just when the game itself loads in and just as the game options and settings and logo appear. I click ok and then try to rejoin, join new and even try to connect from atlasserverlist and get the Json token line 1 ch:1 error message again when the game tries to load into the server. It IS NOT A SERVER ISSUE... IT IS A GAME ISSUE since it happens just from loading in and comes up on the title page of the game before every trying to load into a server. @Voodooyou told me to submit something here but there is no option to attach a screenshot... I think you are well aware of this error and know what causes it and what should fix it. I have tried EVERYTHING... if the error is showing up on the title screen before even trying to load into a server that is a big problem. My husband is on the same router and he can get in just fine on his computer and I can get in fine from his computer too. So what was done to the files or the API gateway that my computer uses that is causing this?
  8. This is not a working solution and I have tried everything and still getting this error... I believe it has to do with the most recent Steam update and so people have to see what it is that Steam messed up with their update. I have validated files several times... and done everything I can and still getting the error
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