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  1. Make the warehouse so it can be used in water or on land, and will collect resources from all the farmhouses and the bank on one island. When interacting with the warehouse, add an option to transfer its contents to containers on a ship, inside of a base, or pulled by a tame. The concept is to give a "T" option for putting the warehouse in the water where it would become a port. Add the ability to collect from banks as well as farms and have it cover the entire island. This will reduce lag from too many structures while also allowing players to avoid having to transfer the contents by hand to the containers where it can be used.
  2. I agree. It would be awesome to have the stuff go where it's needed instead of having to waste time transferring it from one container to another.
  3. I have a cow and a bull that I have bred a few times trying to (unsuccessfully) get a cow instead of a bull. Is there a trick to it? TBH, I don't remember ever getting a baby cow before, but maybe I wasn't paying attention. Any tips for me?
  4. The answer to birds getting out of the cage is to put signs around the sides of the cage. You don't need to get them to fly in, simply wait for them to land and plunk the cage down over them. Since they're not aggroed, you will have some time to get the signs around the sides before you start hitting it. The cage also works brilliantly to capture horses, wolves, lions, and tigers. Other animals just pop out of the top.
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