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  1. Exactly but people are always bitching at them dont think i've seen anyone compliment them on anything im surprised they havent turned off comments with all toxic people jumping they're case for a game thats still in development and not officially out yet thats the funny part stupid people they're all on here bitching like the people who lost the election lol
  2. Can anyone tell me what's bad about buying ship's i mean you can still build them you dont have to buy em seems so childish to bitch over that
  3. I never seen a bunch of cry baby's like this before in my life this funny they make kids look more mature lol
  4. Everyone's just mad because now they have to fight to get somewhere since all company's lost everything they had and all They're power in the wipe and now they have to fight to get it all back and fight They're way to the top again and they are lazy and dont want to do that so they are complaining about the update guess they never ben told cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen dont worry dev's good job some people just have a case of big baby syndrome they were never kicked from the bottle
  5. If your playing last oasis then why are you on this forum last i last i checked this was an atlas forum not last oasis forum trust me no one cares friend and you best believe when something better then last oasis comes out your friends will leave you alone again on last oasis better stop following the crowd and go your own way never ends well for those who follow others i dont care what game once a better one comes out you will get left alone and the next and the next and the next because sheeple cant think for themselves
  6. Are they still updating atlas at all on pc and xbox
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