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  1. Ok, so i have found this location in the map editor Json file using NotePad++ to open it.



    So if i wanted to add the script from the first link i referenced, do i need to add the quotes before and after each line as shown here?


    Or, can i just use it as is as represented here?




  2. So, I'm new here but have been doing plenty of reading. My questions are pretty straight forward. 

    1. Level caps. Where do you put this information? In the below thread there i alot of information at the end of page 2 but its missing the details on where to add info.

    Also there is code information x4 to represent player, dino, tame and ship but I am unsure if it is to be added as is?

    2. Player stat per lvl multipliers.  This link was a tad helpful but I don't know where the shootergame file is?


    3. Finally here we are almost June. Has anyone made any headway dissecting where the ship stat per lvl file can be edited? And how?


    Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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