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  1. So this patch officially broke the game. Is it worth waiting to see if it gets fixed or should I just uninstall again? I've only been back on for about 4 days since I last gave up in April. I would honestly be happier if I had never heard of Atlas at this point.
  2. Not sure what you mean by 'how'? Haha. I click the atlas shortcut on my desktop. Im not sure what a redis.conf file is, let alone where to find it. A search for it in the Atlas folder didn't turn up any results. The game does appear to be fullscreen by default. Maybe it can be switched from fullscreen to windowed? I could always do that and back again. Not sure what it would do though. I'm invested too! I'm coming close to having to give up on it. It would be a real shame because its my favourite game at the moment, despite this issue. And giving up now would really sour any future attempts to get back into it. If there was a way to see which file fails to validate each time it might give some indication of the problem but I cant work out how to find it. Also, I finally managed to get an image of the fatal error report small enough to upload, in case thats useful.
  3. I'm on Win10. I did just utilise the System File Checker tool from system32 and congratulations good Sir because it DID find corrupt files, which have be fixed (one assumes) as stated by the command prompt window. I'll have to head back in game to see if it has had an effect. Watch this space ^.^ Well, it was a nice idea, but still crashed in the same place. Its crashed 3 times so far whilst trying to board my boat whilst very slightly over encumbered. Not at max weight, but slowed. I'm going to validate and try doing the exact same thing for a fourth time but not over encumbered. Perhaps if it doesn't crash at that point we can query whether its some kind of bug in the program? And have an idea where it would be in the code. Again, limited knowledge in this area, haha. Update #2: Nope, still crashed. This time before I even made it to the foot of the rear ladder of the ship.
  4. That's a good suggestion, I should have thought of that! However, after a full diagnostic on my 2 new RAM sticks they appear to be working absolutely fine. I did discover some new information though. Just by chance I ran a file validation after playing for an hour and then closing the game myself in the correct manner (so no fatal crash) and it still failed to validate the one file, so I thought back and there's a good chance that it has only crashed the second time I have run the application after a validation. I think playing the game is corrupting the file somehow. I'm going to test this by validating after every time I play and seeing if a) it crashes at all, and b) it continues to fail to validate the file after being played without a fatal crash. If it doesn't crash for a while then I'll try opening the game a second time WITHOUT a validation and if it then crashes I think we'll have confirmation of whats going wrong. Any thoughts you might have for what the cause could be if this idea pans out would be welcome! haha. Never mind. The file IS corrupting after play whether it crashes or not but it just crashed within 10 minutes of play after being validated and the corrupt file reacquired.
  5. Firstly, don't apologise for trying to help! I really appreciate you taking the time, and making the effort. Thank you Secondly, the 3.5 is before I start the game, with the game running it jumps to just below 9 usually, so its using about 5.5GB of RAM, which TBH still seems a little low to me. Its still doing it, though on average I get about 2 hours of play out of it before it crashes atm, which is just long enough for me to grit my teeth and bear it. But its still hella frustrating! Haha. I did manage this time to take a photo on my phone of the fatal error message. It doesn't always come up. The picture is too large to upload and the screenshot and printscreem functions have failed to capture it twice so far. Im not sure if its the top or the bottom lines that report the error, but the bottom lines are the ones that include "UnknownFunction". I chopped the first couple of letters but one is:- KERNEL32.DLL!UnknownFunction (0x00007ffe90d27bd4) + 0 bytes [UnknownFile:0] And the other says:- *something*tdll.dll!UnknownFunction (0x00007ffe91ecced1) + 0 bytes [UnknownFile:0] Not sure if that means anything really but an unknown function/file can't be helping the code run smoothly to my own extremely limited knowledge.
  6. Limit? I'm not sure what you mean. I have no limits in place, they are just the amounts being used at those times, as indicated by the performance tracking in the task manager. I don't care if the game uses the full 16GB as long as it works. But it doesn't. Also, the game crashes whilst using only 42% of the graphics capabilities, so that is unlikely to be the issue either.
  7. It just crashed again whilst using 55% of my available RAM. Im using about 3.5/16 without the game running and between 8-9/16 while it is. Good shout though, I hadn't thought to check that. Im gonna go back on after verifying the files and check the GPU usage, though that should be fine too.
  8. Im having an issue with the game where it keeps fatally crashing. Occasionally it will just close to the desktop out of nowhere, most often it shows a fatal crash message. I have a couple of pictures on my pc but am not sure how to include them. After this crash I always validate the game files, and it always finds one corrupt file, which gets reacquired. I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled twice but it doesnt fix the issue. My hardware is more than capable of playing the game, and I always keep it on low graphics despite my Ryzen 7, 16GB RAM and gtx 1080 which should be able to handle much more. I love the game, but I'm struggling to want to play when it can crash anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour in game. Are there any ideas about what could possibly be causing this? I can't be the only one having this kind of issue.
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