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    Small sugggestions

    Oils lamps on hooks change - allow inventory slot for oil to auto refill. Similar to wood on a campfire Player shops change - Allow salt or ice to extend timers on food so I can sell salted meat or recipe foods I take the time to make in large quantities. Similar to what a preserving bag already makes. Preserving Barrels - Exact same thing as preserving bags, just bigger inventory slot. Ice Chests - Allow food to be stored in them and extend the timers as normal as long as it is ice. NPC crew - Allow auto harvesting by crew, unsure of how to make this happen. Maybe 'assign' to store cabinet and they will indiscriminately harvest surrounding area and place items in chest. Similar to how some tames from Ark would harvest surrounding area when placed on wandering. This of course would increase the amount of gold they cost just like it already exists with different tasks.
  2. MaximilianMartin

    WTF with my brig?

    Seems to have clipped into the shores that it's parked in and caused it to glitch. Think we've all had that happen once. Be careful with how close you get to shore lines. Stay out of the bright blue areas.
  3. MaximilianMartin

    PC Fatal Error Crash Atlas

    Interesting notes, this brings up something that was missing. With that added information. What programs are you running the in background? Teamviewer? Any torrent downloaders? Anything P2P or file sharing might be causing an interruption with Atlas. Look through this post. We've done a lot one there already but you might see something you haven't tried. https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/articles/360008242814-Troubleshooting-and-Common-Solutions-
  4. MaximilianMartin

    ATLAS Roadmap

    Eh, I'll give you that one lol.
  5. MaximilianMartin

    Press A to Continue

    Try using a different controller. Might sound odd but it's worked for me. After getting signed in and switching back to the original controller I haven't had an issue. Also solved an issue to where I input text on the virtual xbox keyboard that pops up. Same situation, changed controllers and switched back, worked like normal. Hope this helps.
  6. MaximilianMartin

    Can't Tap Y (Xbox)

    There is a 'combat stance' per say. This is when you start to attack something. You are able to do additional things within this stance, but one thing you can't normally do is access the Y option. In order to get out of this stance, you need to press B and you will return to a normal stance. Hope this helps.
  7. MaximilianMartin

    Galleon Sails Preference

    I've looked through the forum and haven't found anything specfically about this. What is your preference on Galleons and Brigs for their sails? What is your specific combo and why? On my battle brig, I use three large handling sails for maneuverability and long sails against the wind. I'm going to be building another Galleon soon and want to know what your opinion is.
  8. MaximilianMartin

    PC Fatal Error Crash Atlas

    You play on an official server, right? If so, I would uninstall the game completely. Afterwards I'd manually go through all the files where the game is located and ensure every single file is permanently deleted. Might be a file that is corrupt that remains even after the uninstall process if that makes sense. If this doesn't work, maybe someone else can chime in. I'm unsure of what else to try without sitting in front of your computer. I'm sorry I haven't been more helpful.
  9. MaximilianMartin

    Power Stones Guide

    So obviously I'm a bit new to the Atlas game. I've been looking into getting the power stones, but like most information about the game what I've found is outdated and all guides as of recent just show people naked running to collect the power stones. Is there a good source or guide to getting the power stones? I think the general concept is go to Golden Age ruins, defeat the Drake or Hydra to get the Artifact Key, take said Key to Alter and claim power stone. All while battling creatures and trying not to die. I see under water caves that may or may not house a powerstone, it is unclear to me. Just any information or clarification would be appreciated.
  10. MaximilianMartin

    Galleon Sails Preference

    Fair points Acemac.
  11. MaximilianMartin

    Galleon Sails Preference

    I felt the same way about the Brig until I put all handling on it. Might try the Galleon with all Handling to see if it's better for PVP. Haulers will definitely have all speed and 1 handling. Love the paint job George, that took some work. What kind of sails are those? Are those skins for the sails? Still relatively new to the game.
  12. MaximilianMartin

    No sound in game at all

    Have you set your headset your default output?
  13. MaximilianMartin

    Unrealistic Expectations

    But it still applies, regardless of how many times you've heard it. We all know what early access means by now.
  14. MaximilianMartin

    PC Fatal Error Crash Atlas

    Have you ran tests for your RAM? I had a stick go bad when I played Ark on the PC years ago and had the same issue. RAM was causing this exact crash.
  15. MaximilianMartin

    PC Fatal Error Crash Atlas

    https://www.minitool.com/backup-tips/kernel32-dll-error.html Make sure all drivers are up to date for all of your hardware. Run System File Checker on windows as well. The Kernel32 file may be corrupt. Here's a fix someone posted to another form about this. Not sure the outcome but it seemed it fixed one person's issue. "I accidentally posted one of my fatal errors in discord and someone said to add -fullscreen to the launch options"
  16. MaximilianMartin

    Add Anchor Feature to Lieutenant Podium

    Until they consider this feature, you can always look at the deck of the ship and have the option to lower the anchor that way. This includes most wooden ceilings as well, if you have those placed.
  17. MaximilianMartin

    Unrealistic Expectations

    While I agree with you and always defend the developers- flying ships are actually one of the things on the agenda for the developers lol. If you look up at the top of this page, you'll see a flying ship on the background and it's been talked about before. But I get where you're coming from, just don't let others affect the way you play the game. Enjoy it and don't stress about what others think. If anything add your input in a polite, respectful manner to their post. Maybe state why you disagree with them and provide an alternative solution. A forum is a place for discussion. Happy sailing friend.
  18. MaximilianMartin

    xbox - pc

    Sure thing. Happy sailing!
  19. MaximilianMartin

    Buff for the pathfinder/character

    You cleared up the original post with your reply. So to answer your question. There is a buff for maintaining your diet. Here it is. It's icon is the four vitamins you see when your diet is good. This status if also buffed if you've completed the Squid Killer quest. HUD Text: Vitamin Equilibrium Boost Keeping your Vitamins balanced and full will keep you healthy, and if you can maintain it, you will gain stat bonuses such as increased fortitude or movement speed. Fortitude: +30 Melee Damage: +10% Movement Speed: +10% Other Information: Equilibrium is a positive Status Effect given to players when their Nutrition is well-balanced. Remember that neglecting your Vitamins balance will lead to Vitamin Deficiency. Take care that you eat the needed Vitamins. If you not hungry enough do something to reduce your stamina. (Dancing, running, farming.) In the time the Stamina regain you will get hungry again. That alone should be cause enough to maintain healthiness. I see what you're saying about the respawning aspect. I've done the same thing, but only when building a base or a boat. All the running around and such is intensive on hunger and vitamins, so I just let my character respawn. One thing they could do, is when you die, is provide a DEBUFF. You mentioned this as well. Kind of like the age debuff at higher age. This could be like a fatigue debuff or something for 10 minutes to discourage dying. I agree with you now and understand your viewpoint. It was not clear in your original post. Lastly, at this point it doesn't matter how many hours I have in game, so quit the weird flexing and stop being rude. Thanks
  20. MaximilianMartin

    xbox - pc

    Ark has the play anywhere feature so with Ark you can. However at this stage, Atlas does not have this feature. Does not mean it won't at one point though, just not currently.
  21. MaximilianMartin

    PC Fatal Error Crash Atlas

    Do you get any error codes?
  22. MaximilianMartin

    Blueprint craft machine

    This isn't Ark and they are trying their best to keep this in the 'era' of pirates if that makes sense. Based on your original post you're wanting something along the lines of a cheat box to where you don't need to work for it. You should probably play single player with mods at that point. What i would be behind is to be able to craft gold. But they would need to add it in as another material. You'd have to forge it to purify it, and then at the smithy craft it down into coins. They would need to also bring in a type of creature that likes gold, maybe for instance a smaller dragon to 'guard' it, to make it less farmable. Or just make it relatively uncommon. I also wouldn't be against a higher teir smithy. Not necessairly a high tech one, but something that is more advanced with a stone top, anvil to the side, hand drill and some more detail tools which were all available during those times. This bench could craft everything like the smithy, but more efficient and faster. Kind of like the chem bench for the mortal and pestle from Ark.
  23. MaximilianMartin

    Wanting to find companion app on google play

    I use: A-Calc Taming & Companion Tools for Atlas
  24. Update your graphics card and all drivers. Verify your game cache. Run a memory diagnostic to verify memory integrity. All else fails, uninstall the game and reinstall it. Let me know how these troubleshooting steps work for you.
  25. MaximilianMartin

    ATLAS Roadmap

    While I agree this game deserves more attention, stealing from them is not the way to get them to give more attention to Atlas. It is clearly stated during the purchase process that this is an early access game, it's buggy and incomplete, as well as the potential NOT TO BE FINISHED. You're an idiot. Plain and simple. You are incompetent for admitting on a public forum that you have pirated one of their games. You're email and some personal information are linked to your account so technically they could legally pursue this if they wanted. Grapheshot, Instinct Games and Wildcard Studios have no obligation to you and have every right to perma ban you from their games based solely on this forum comment.