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  1. Me and my buddies will be renting our own server PVE/PVP for the boys, 2 companies. But i have no idea where to set the difficulty i have experienced with the normal difficulty and it's challenging when starting and very easy mid-game also tried Max Difficulty which was horribly unbalanced the wild-animals are okay actually good but the Treasure Hunting, Ships of the Damned and Ruins are nightmare +400 Levels, if my eyes did not deceive me i got slapped by a level +800 Damned while i was in Mythical plate so yea it's not ideal so i want to find something inbetween not too easy and not too hard.
  2. Did i break a nerve here? chill dude no need to get heated up, cheers.
  3. Resort to my previous comments and tell me where did i defend the game? and is that a bad thing? i have said the game has potential but the devs are blind and i don't think that's defending it, i have checked INGO's history and he just outright hates on the game on every corner so why does he stick around? everyone is entitled to their opinion even if it is wrong. you don't have to answer on behalf of him.
  4. Honestly people hated on ATLAS the moment the Trailer released and just wanted to have everything the moment they open the game that's their biggest complain from most reviews i watched they hate the farming part but they forgot it's a survival game. My post is literally towards people like INIGO who contribute nothing but spread hate, look at the other comments who actually discuss the topic and look his comment neglecting facts and responding with cringy videos "let it die" while recommending another broken Early Access game that he likes on another Early Access games forum, tell me he isn't a full blown clown at this rate.
  5. Don't even mention that trash game, our squad refunded the game and went back to Atlas, clunky and bad animations, empty and dead world, literally doing the same thing it's just boring as hell, 0/10 worst survival game i have played.
  6. 1- Yes it did, going back to older versions ARK was worse compared to ATLAS's launch. 2- Oh boy, you will be surprised how many games actually re-use assets just because it's not as obvious as Atlas and Ark it doesn't mean they don't it's there they even admit it, it's not a bad thing it's just what devs do, i'm not saying every asset should be re-used but if you are going to make a bear and you already have a bear asset ready, what you gonna do? it's a bear the new asset will probably be like the current one. 3- Voices are not being heard i agree, if i'm not wrong one of the devs quit and i people say wildcard pulled devs from Atlas team to work on genesis which makes things worse for Atlas and its development, it's really the same studio no matter what name they work under. 4- not gonna happen? this part is on us not them. 5- no it doesn't, you can't just say it deserves to die, the are lazy i agree but we need to try not just say let it die, that never works nor worked for any game, i have seen so many people send mixed messages and saying "stick to ARK wildcard" like that's a bad freaking message to send and you are here saying let it die! that's not how you do it.
  7. You can't really add that to ARK, i mean ARK maps are very limited there is Tek and overpowered weapons and creatures which will make Ship battling useless this was never going to work as a DLC the devs stated themselves that's why they liked the idea so much they made it into its own game which i like, it is bigger than ARK and has a better building system, better graphic, more balanced, skills and character customization. Sci-fi will ruin it no matter what ARK is a sci-fi game so it's not gonna work, i'd like them to work on ATLAS, add more content and improve as they did with ARK.
  8. I agree with you completely to be honest but there no reason to neglect new players and bash people who like the game or ask questions that need answers, let us be better than the devs and i hope they are doing something otherwise i'm gonna be eating my own words very soon.
  9. TLTR: we could use a little bit more positivity within the community.
  10. I understand what you saying, i feel the same i'm talking about people that just purely hate on the game like literally hate it and ARK it gets annoying because the game has a really good potential but sadly it's in the wrong hands, the they told us it's a sister studio but it was all bullcrap what is that sister studio doing now? working on Genesis for ARK that's a big slap to the ATLAS community so i do understand where you coming from i just feel sad for the state of the game. as for New World they had their fair share of drama the devs have literally no idea what to do with the game it was supposed to be a full PVP game but near launch they decided it's a PVE game with PVP as an option to turn it on and off people got mad because the game literally has no PVE content the world is empty just a playground for PVP yet they wanted to make it PVE so they tried to revert it so i heard but that does not look like a good sign for the game.
  11. So this has to be one of the most depressing communities i have ever been part of, literally most of people who comment on posts here are just whining and complaining, every Positive post about the game gets bashed, every New comer gets neglected and told to not buy the game, every update patch notes gets a meh and more whining like seriously what the hell is wrong with these people? the game had a rough launch we get it but if you don't like it then no one is forcing you to stick to it and if you don't play it no need to sh!t on it and move on go play something else, why would you waste your time here if you just gonna be a negative c*nt who does nothing but put new players off? and my god let's just not talk about r/PlayAtlas everyone there is a d!ickhead they literally do nothing but whine and sh!t on everyone who says anything good about the game like they do nothing else with their time. ARK launched in worse state compared to ATLAS back then and it manged to pull though and now it's one of the most played Steam game of all time, but we are not giving ATLAS any chance other than complaining, i know the devs have been slacking due to Genesis DLC but there is no reason to put off new comers nor whine about it, The most complain i heard was "it's ARK 2.0" like is that even an insult? what is wrong with ARK? i love ARK i have over 2k hours and i have and still enjoy every moment of it, yes i have ran into bugs but it's not common at all and every patch has a lot of bug fixes in it, most people who complain have potato PC. Every Developer Re-uses their Assets in their future games i mean literally every game does this it's nothing new, Path of Exile devs had an entire Hour dev talk about how Devs should save time by re-using Assets in order to focus on making the game better than just re-create everything which will take years and years! why create a new asset when you have already made one which took you years and ready to go with some tweaks? ATLAS has a better foundation than ARK had in Early Access. if you want your voice heard DISCUSS not complain, if you want bugs fixed report them, send a ticket but keep in mind it's an EARLY ACCESS game and you know what that means it means it's in its testing phase it's not complete and it needs a lot of work i agree but not when there is a lot of negativity that may destroy the wills of the devs, Jesus even the community mangers gets bashed to oblivion. in the end i just hope to see less negativity and more positivity in this community, less whining more helping new players instead of telling them to go away, i have seen people ask for help on certain topics and never got any response for weeks heck even months but when there is a whining post everyone jumps in. i really want this game to evolve as ARK did, i want them to work on the Road Map, add more content fix the bugs, optimize the game yet i don't whine i just discuss them instead but at this rate i don't think it would come out of Early Access with that much Negativity surrounding the game and it's community. So please i don't want ATLAS to die as Dark and Light did, let us discuss and have fun i'm tired of seeing negativity in on every, comment, post, video, if you don't like it go play something else and let us enjoy it, hope you all have a nice day/night. PS: this is mostly targeted towards the community and not the game or the devs, i know the game has not seen any major updates for a while now and most people think the devs have abandoned the game but that's whole different topic and i will not touch on that here.
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