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  1. It sails you to the next square as if it were a “globe”. So if I sail North in A1 I will come up into A4.
  2. Thought I’d comment cause you haven’t gotten a correct answer. Diving platforms can be placed while being built for sure. They are under railings in the smithy. You want diving platform (kraken). I believe this can be done anchored in a dock afterwards as well but I just put them on beforehand. I have not been able to attach a cargo rack. Nor have I see a cog with a cargo rack. Just diving platforms and cannons.
  3. Only time that happens to me is if I die from heat/cold/hunger/vitamins. If you know you’re low when going afk you’re better off killing your self, grabbing your stuff then go afk with full health.
  4. You have to have the map on your hotbar at the bottom to see the red beam. You also could be at the wrong island double check your map some of them are tricky.
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