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  1. The best way to resolve this issue, is to make sure you have port forwarding completed for all of the required ports. If your server is hosted on a windows server, you also need to make firewall edits allowing the ports that you forwarded to get thru the OS firewall.
  2. it looks like your redis database is not connecting. How are you setting up your system to start and stop services?
  3. https://discord.gg/VgcCBkRVWq - is the updated discord link
  4. PurrNation - Atlas - Server data was wiped today, FRESH map! - Come join, get some free lootboxes and some free points for the in game shop!
  5. Sounds like he just needs to pay attention and then try a community that has modded the server files to change some of this stuff he is complaining about. About 70% of those things can be adjusted with the right knowledge, and a little bit of C++. Nerfs are a real thing in games, but I think the stuff you want changed would ruin this game. I wish you luck.
  6. Hello, I help administrate the server known as Purr-Nation. We are a laid back community, looking for more sailors to join and sail with us. Feel free to search us up. https://discord.gg/VgcCBkRVWq - Join our discord! https://purrnationgaming.com/ - our website. "Purr-Nation" Loaded Mods - Custom Item Stacks ATLAS Shipwright (v0.8) ATLAS Beastmaster (v0.10.3) ATLAS Overseer (v0.9) TnM Powerstone Tameable Animals Improved Settlements Marvelous Spyglass Atlas_Extras Lanterns & Torches Galore Peachy Ship Decor Soap's Medieval Structures KWAKA'S PIRATE JUKEBOX Unlock Powerstones Tame Overhaul Kontities Mod Cow Carts and Carriages We have a custom map, and from time to time we roll and redesign the map with a season refresh. At the moment, we are a 4X4 grid, and stable... running on dedicated equipment. We host more that just Atlas! We host Valheim, Dark and Light, Rust. - Full Service community! Come join us, and have fun.
  7. Just wishing I could get my dedicated server back online... Server is up and running on the dedicated equipment... Just will not show up in the server list... even though it was there yesterday. We are running the latest version of the game, used SteamCmd to update.. just sitting and spinning. Anyone else have issues? "Unable to query server info for invite." - Server is running, and ports are opened.. nothing changed, but the update being released.
  8. did this update require a redis data base wipe?
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