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  1. The problem with wild pirate camps is that, when they respawn, the game doesn't remove the old instance of the camp, meaning duplicate instances of the camp is spawned on top of each other every time it respawns. -If you attack a pirate camp and destroy even a single object or pirate in the camp, don't leave until you captured the camp or destroyed it completely. If you leave, the game will respawn a duplicate instance of the camp on top of the previous one. Keep a bed nearby in case you are killed. -If you want a camp to respawn, destroy everything and only leave the claim flag. Remember that once a camp respawns, you cannot capture it anymore. Plan ahead which camps you want to capture and which ones you want to respawn for land combat purposes. -Mortars and oil jars+bow and flame arrows helps to make destroying the camps a bit less tedious. I'm still testing workarounds so current solutions may not be 100% accurate.
  2. It doesn't have offline play by the looks of it. Not really age of sail either but, it does look interesting. Will keep it in mind when I'm looking for an MMO fix again. Thanks for the heads-up. But that's also exactly what makes Atlas so appealing and unique. It's an age of sail game that can also be played offline, something we haven't seen in a terribly long time. As mentioned, the last worthwhile age of sail game - that's not another pure MMO - is the Sea Dogs series of games (also known as PotC and Age of Pirates) but, the Storm engine they are made on is from the late 90s. There has been nothing that could successfully scratch that age of sail itch until Atlas came along. Missed opportunity really, devs had something unique on their hands and neglected it in favour of doing more of the same elsewhere. And Genesis is not really receiving praise either so they shot themselves in both feet in the end.
  3. Well, I received the game as a gift so I can't complain. For a player like me, Atlas is a godsend. It would be great if the devs come back to flesh it out and finish it once they're done with Genesis. This update, with it's lack of bugfixes, is a good sign regardless. The thing is, outside of the variety of MMOs, there haven't been a new pirate/sailing game in ages. We've been stuck on the old Sea Dogs games for two decades and it's great to finally have something new. Definitely gonna spread the word, the Sea Dogs/Storm engine games had their fair share of bugs and issues as well so, it won't be that difficult to adapt. Playing online is fun but, we could do with an additional official server or two to clear up some claimable land for newcomers. Either way, I found that singleplayer and private co-op servers is where this game really shines.
  4. Yes, a friend of mine just checked as well and it's the same. 1.4GB download, on PC.
  5. Is the update truly 54GB in size? I'm a new player here, downloaded and installed the game yesterday on Steam and the game itself (before installation) was only ~40GB. Not a huge amount of new content in the patch notes that can push it up to that size. Being an essential healthcare worker, I am not at home to check. Can anyone confirm for sure? I am eager to get home to continue playing! But anyway, still great to see a new update just a day after I got the game. The game is clearly not dead as many claim.
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