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  1. i have arround 12 Baby Bears and dont know when the server goes life again... gj devs gj....
  2. In 13 Hours other publisher are able to fix a whole game implant a large Addon and have time for a big Barbecue....
  3. i dont think your animals will die normaly all is on break during down time..
  4. sry i dont know and the dev give us no information or response i hope we dont get another roll back if yes well all can be sure the half of the rest existing players quit...
  5. Ironic the PVE is the much bigger comunity Part PVP is mauch smaller... what me make realy angry they dont give us an update what happens and when they can fix it , my Baby imprint time now completly scrambeld... Looks like thy ruined the Server its over 6 Hours ago since the "Maintance" and still PVE is down...
  6. I think they patched the PVE Server first and crash the whole Server, so they keep the PVP Servers on the old Patch to keep them running..
  7. When i start and try to connect i see i have the Patch 410.6, both PVP Servers in the list hav the "old" patch 410.4
  8. I wanted to look for my Baby Bears but woho the PVE Server is down and have the Patch 410.6.... both PVP Servers are on and they hav the Patch 410.4 what happens??
  9. E3 is unplayable on interaction possible afet quit and go to main Meneu it isnt possible to re join i must choose server(PVE) and the grid after 1^0 trys im lucky to be back in the game but woho no interaction possible after 10-20 more trys im bach and can interakt but not for long time after 3-4 min utes in the game it crashes.... and the same again and again... REBOOT AND FIX IT WE PAYD FOR IT
  10. in E3 its very simple to say what is working it works NOTHING cant port cant farm cant sail every action id do broke the Game and after restart the game i cant simply rejoin the game i must go to join chose the PVE Server and the Lawless/freeport were i want to spawn.. in 1 from 10 trys i can join the game and spawn on my Ship in E3 . 5 times of respawn from 6 trys its impossible to interact, simply i can do nothing.... The bed to travel in antother region or spawn dont work properly just want to say in Lawless Region works NOTHING.. tested E3 H5 C7 and others... I dont wondering i see so much enpty basase and players who leave the game its nearly impossible to have fun the Devs do a realy bad job here and if nothing change fast to fix the hundered of bugs colliusion models and much more i didnt think the game survife the Early Aces state poorly the Game have so much Potential but it need Love from the devs and no unrealistic stupid maps and other chichi just make the game playable at first then you can hopfully working content. By the way because these chrashes i lost ALL my Treasure Maps a lot with Blue Quality it takes days of farming 4 them.. THANKS......
  11. 1 day is gone since i write a tickert and nothing happeny not even a response excluded the automatikal... bad Service....
  12. After the gane crashed /closed from hisself i started the game new but my Char isnt aviable i can Create a new one but i want my leveled char back he is Level44 and was a lot time and work.
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