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  1. The bugs killed the game for me since grid bug that disconnect you and crashed the game to making farmhouses only take coal as well since COVID happened I was in hospital for about a little over the week and ended up losing everything to decay timers maybe I will come back when game is more stable and has more places to build cause ever since map shrunk everywhere is so crowded
  2. There not completely useless cows are pretty good with treasure maps plus there easy to tame like pigs they don’t get in each other’s way like bears do
  3. Can some answer why atlas devs have no concept of a compass west and East are not on same side of a map I get it it looks a lot like biomes in ark but are we reverting to ark physics are we going by a compass who ever made this map should really be fired old one was fine and shortened map are there going to be more islands or bigger squares map was small to begin with so we making it smaller now
  4. Let me clarify Ark at its point in development like atlas did not wipe as often and grapeshot should have learned from ark that wiping especially how sudden and wording in post that we will not have NA Pve server yet has caused an outrage if they were to do was keep this server around and just bring a new map up with a new server then it wouldn’t have pissed off the entire community . now if they are adding new structures tames items ships I get the wipe but if your just introducing a map they should have just left old servers alone because then people will migrate at there own time then eventually just close the old one down like ark did with legacy. Servers and as a company trying to make there game popular wiping only makes people less likely to play at all or even if they were to keep there characters but ultimately I like atlas better then ark my only grudge is for them to higher level cap on tames and ethier fix some treasure maps that spawn on pillars that are unreachable and maybe add some more water tames or flyers but ultimately up to dev on what to do
  5. Blue stone we all know it’s a early access and in development but still if your not adding in knew items slash structures boats it kind of pointless to wipe you are only killing your player base as it is if you would keep the servers as they are and open up a new map do like ark did with legacy people would migrate in there own time and you would piss off your entire base with one post do you know what happened to Gorgons gaze community there in a uproar they made events that keep people coming every week and twice a week cause there’s one at each side of the map on different days from boat races to raffles to player made treasure hunts shops that sell tames bps to everything under the sun but the post saids your moving away from pve what does that mean eu servers are trash for anyone who plays in North America and South America it’s double the ping regardless plus the two communities are big enough as is funneling them into one server is ludicrous
  6. This sucks all this work for it to be wiped why don’t keep the servers up like legacy like what’s point of playing now when all progress will be wiped people have lives you know they don’t just play atlas
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