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  1. @Pant Repair is not the sole argument, but IS a major pain the ass in my opinion. When I used to dock my galley checking the deck, cannons, steering wheel, podium, sails plus every ceiling and wall felt like a chore. I'd rather repair 5 things than 25... You disagree, that's fine. Also I clearly stated that there's multiple reasons to transition but somehow you missed that statement also. Sure, ok bud. I apologize, I thought you read other peoples posts also and the patch notes and understood that theres MANY reasons to rework the current build system. Apparently this isn't the case. "Tantrum" , lol, yea ok. If I'm throwing a tantrum your engaging in pidgeonholing and offering disingenuous "input".
  2. @Pant Aaaand you've yet to state you're position... Aaaaand more questions... Still sticking you're fingers in your ears and sitting on the fence I see?... Did YOU state YOUR opinion or suggestions anywhere in your drivel? If you did I missed it. Theres no clear answer though.. Simple question, should the ship building system be reworked or added to in any way? Yes or no? Sure I'm the only person who thinks the current ship building system needs work. Oh and the devs. Oh and @Whitehawk. Oh and @Chucksteak. Oh and @George Catcher... Shall I go on? Discussing things w you is a waste of time Buh bye
  3. Actually there's multiple reasons to transition to a different system, furthermore you HAVE heard MULTIPLE people complain about the repairs.. 1. I'm complaining about it 2. 40k+ players quit this game, i have zero doubt many found ship maintenance a chore. 3. Other people in recent threads The devs want a different building system and THEY have listed multiple logical reasons. Furthermore I've elaborated plenty, you choose to put your fingers in your ears and ignore it.. So of course you've "never heard any complaints" Goodbye
  4. 1. A skirmish is often a PART of a battle, or, some ships performing hit and runs. A battle is a substantial and prolonged fight to secure a strategic goal. So yes the damage profiles would be different. 2. I have zero clue what your stance is, because you dont take one, you almost always answer w a question. Also the current system is already modular, they're 90% square blocks. Look up the definition.. Pick a development direction.. Simplify and rework the legacy system or leave it as is? Make a choice already instead of sitting on the fence and babbling.. 3. Anyone can go read the Majestic Kraken Thread, you spammed it w pointless rhetorical questions, then stated that crafting items for the company was "sitting on the bench"... if your logical fallacies were planks we'd have a galley... **sidenote, even in a skirmish you've never had an SotD hit the other side? Never had a 3rd party swoop in and hope to kill 2 birds w 1 stone?...Clipped a whale, iceberg or hit a cyclone mid fight?... Naw your right @Pant your not oversimplifying things... the problem is me
  5. Its absolutely possible to make a great pirate game thats PvE. For example I love Red Dead 2 single player but find the online version a terrible, blatant money grab.
  6. You mean performing flanking maneuvers and bold distractions in a multiship battle?.. Yes, yes I would. They're called tactics.. My point was that you vastly oversimply the current modular system to undermine the one in development. Anymore rhetorical questions..?
  7. Everything you've described in this scenario is a 1v1 skirmish, not a battle. Also yes you DID bury the patch kit repair suggestions under Announcements in a losing game of "Gotchya"
  8. @Ninja of Bedlam Maybe try swimming next the raft and placing it? Another possibility is its been patched out and the one you saw was a legacy raft..
  9. When placing it did you try swappng to first person?
  10. @Chucksteak Ah ha ha , I'm Ilaughing because you said slower than Congress. Lolol
  11. A skeleton galleon consists of hundreds of pieces assuming it has cannons on it... 72 planks alone + ~6 decks, 6 sails, stairs, ceiling tiles in gaps, 52 cannons... Even a brig approachs 100.. 40 planks plus 2 or 3 decks, 2+ ramps, 3 sails, steering wheel, all the ceiling tiles to fill in gaps, 12 or more cannons if it has gunports, or about a dozen walls and 6+ cannons if its an ass blaster + on PvP sevral swivel guns at 2pieces per, a lockable door to chamber seal the bottom deck (5 pieces) + ammo box, resources chest, larder, storage boxes... Idk what your cunfused about.. Even a skelton schooner has 28 planks, 2 decks, steering wheel, several ramps, a few ceiling tiles, 2 sails ~3 rear facing cannons, resources chest, about 6 walls + 3 ceiling for the rear cannons, ammo box, food preservation bag, and atleast 1 storage box yielding ~50 + pieces.. If your interested in a repair solution for the new system please scroll to my original comments on page 2 of The Majestic Kraken Announcements, for some reason @Pant decided to bury it...
  12. @Whitehawk I'd be curious for your (and other peoples) input and feedback regarding this point I made in the announcement patch... " To everyone complaining about the modular concept, seriously think about it.. The legacy ship building system is ALREADY MODULAR BY DEFINITION. Skeleton + gold + X number of planks, decks, ceiling panels, walls etc. yeilds a ship... They're mostly square pieces.... Giant pain in the ass running around repairing 100s of pieces + cannons + sails, at sea INSTEAD of partaking in the battle.. " I'm unsure whether or not to believe people saying that the legacy system can't be recreated by the devs. I mean lots of people know how to paint but only a small percentage of them could recreate "The Mona Lisa", know what I mean? Either way Im in favor of a simpler design system, such as the one being set forth by the devs, for several reasons.. 1 The less pieecs to repair the better 2 I hate seeing ships with 30 cannons in the back or just along one side, the damn thing should roll over and sink and also its ugly as hell 3 More ship standardization has a chance of making battle more skill based, meaning, If we fight with the same ship then the outcome of the battle relies more on who handles the ship better. Part of this depends of course on the role BPs play in the new ship system, which I hope is minimal.
  13. Yes you are going in circles, attempting to employ the ad nauseam rhetorical tactic for some reason...
  14. I would prefer to continue w the task at hand usually...
  15. Taking off all my armor and hotbar stuff, running to a bed, bringing up the map then staring at a loading screen multiple times per night is very, very boring. Also it breaks the "immersion". Don't get me wrong, some people enjoy playing a support role. Works out great for some, (couples, siblings, close friends etc). In my experience though it's the exception.
  16. @Pant Not to be a smartass, but duh Fastravelling back and forth = boring.
  17. @Nacona I agree with many things you've stated, but not all. 1. Dealing with 5 to 15 personnel doesn't sound like a fun activity to me. Occasionally, yes, it's great. You're right it can be very fun, like going to a party. However, I'm old and grumpy and don't want this to always be necessary to go out and have a good fight. 2. The people stuck sitting on the bench should be kept low. I'm a total guy, meaning, sometimes I WANT to fight solo and see if I can outplay a large force. 3. Teamplay depends on the situation. Most players would prefer to operate a ship, not ALL but MOST would. Some people prefer boarding the other ship and PvP that way. Bottom of the list though is hide from lag and run repair duty.
  18. Never utilized the Ramming Galley or this new ship, but, theres some obvious suggestions based on the commentary.. Patch kits should correlate to repair skill tree and repair hammer, meaning, the further a player specs into repair and/ or the better hammer they have then SOME VARIATION of the following should occur.. a. The patch kit heals even faster - (reduces heal time from 3 seconds to 2) then (2 to 1) etc.. b. The patch kit heals for more - (increases from 1k to 2k) then (2k to 4k) etc.. a & b.1. Be careful on these suggestions as multiple repair personnel may result in overpowered repair capability. c. More patch kits can be utilized per repair - (from 1 to 2) then (2 to 4) etc. c.1. Be careful on this suggestion as players may inadvertently burn through the kits. ** I'm sure this is already in the pipeline and I apologize if I'm stealing your thunder ** To everyone complaining about the modular concept, seriously think about it.. The legacy ship building system is ALREADY MODULAR BY DEFINITION. Skeleton + gold + X number of planks, decks, ceiling panels, walls etc. yeilds a ship... They're mostly square pieces.... Giant pain in the ass running around repairing 100s of pieces + cannons + sails, at sea INSTEAD of partaking in the battle.. Seriously, give me a show of hands if ya wanna be the repair bitch while I do the sailing, shooting and callouts..
  19. @Sheepshooter Speed was more important than weight, generally, in PvP in my experience also.. Several reasons 1. When you enter a grid the entire grid gets an announcement that you've entered and since red often equals dead best if you can move swift 2. A fast, sleek ship is easier to engage and disengage with, as shooter stated 3. When your sailing, and take damage, its easier to repair. Less sorting, and more room for planks, repair mats etc., cleaner LoS for swivels on deck etc.. Heavy ships were used for covering land attacks and they were heavy from all the cannons and ammunition. They were used for knocking out cannon towers and land based defensive structures primarily. The exception was the occasional BP supership with 200%+ planks, but even then, they often ran with sleek schooners carrying barshot and greek fire. The schooner kills your sails, then once out of range, members who fast traveled to the schooner, would be geared up and swimming over to board your ship. Finally the BPed Heavy would come lumbering in to sink ya.. Specifically regarding modular ships, they still need the ability to be significantly customizable or the library of modules should atleast be vast. Pirate ships should reflect the pirates aboard... 1. Some were pretty and clean, masquerading as merchants 2.. Others were ugly guerilla ships, modified heavily, with cannon ports hand sawed into place. They instilled fear and sometimes won without fighting. They hid in the vastness of the ocean.. 3. Scan YouTube and look up a modern Somali pirate ship and work backwards to the Caribbean... some of these ships masqueraded as fishing ships during the day then simply conducted boarding attacks at night or with the small, possibily desperate, army of locals below deck. 4. Other pirate ships, especially privateers, were like the ones @George Catcher depicts. What one nation calls a terrorist another may call a freedom fighter, things were no different back then. One side called their crews sailors, soldiers and privateers the other side called the same humans pirates, invaders, infidels, etc.. 5. Finally we have the rogue hybrid. Those who mutineed and became outlaws. Those ships which were stolen or captured, etc.. The small time hoodlum who scored big and the veteran seamen who grinded taking calculated risks.. These ships would also be covered by Georges illustration.. Obviously this is a video game, not a historical reenactment, but as a general principle for development, the less Meta the better.
  20. 1. I have no doubt intellectual property claims are a minefield, hence my discretion and the offer to work as a consultant. 2. The advice given on this forum has been given freely and I make no claims upon it. I registered an account with this company in order to speak here, so, technically, they have more claim upon it than I do.. Although it also falls under the realm of public domain since anyone can view this website. Therefore we're at the fork in the road, meaning, they can make a choice to take the development path of their choosing either with me or without me. My ships are scuttled and everything has been given to a friend. Going to be hard to offer advice since I'm no longer playing, also, I refuse to be the gift that keeps on giving. Everythings ok though, theres other fish in the sea..
  21. @Whitehawk Trust me its VERY much a possibility. Its applicable to ANY game, not just Atlas. Also it's not about the Copyright, GS legal can check for that golden egg, as stated, my goal is a consulting contract.. Example: TiVo owns the copyright on the DVR, so, ANYONE that provides DVR service is legally obligated to pay TiVo. If you think I'm mistaken please feel free to elaborate, it is appreciated, however may I first suggest you watch the movie titled The Pirates of Silicon Valley. Quite the coincidental title, LOL. Also as a sidenote, your point provides zero reason for me to give it away for free and actually reinforces my position. You get PAID for your ideas... You haven't been doing the work for free have you?
  22. First off thank you @Chucksteak for inquiring about my "idea" and secondly thank you for acknowledging that I've been quite dedicated to this games development process for a while now. First off a statement of intent is in order. Definitions if you will. My desire is to be asked to join the development team as a consultant. To assist them in focusing their attention on the correct details, motivating the staff and regaining the respect of the players. A guiding hand if you will.. With this goal in mind I have done the following... 1. I have offered tons of free advice as an act of good faith and to ingraciate myself with players. In various threads I've also added to the advice already being given or offered alternative solutions. Assisted new players with troubleshooting. Verified bugs and reported them using the link here in the threads. Having been ignored completely by the developers and often not receiving feedback from the one-off new player asking the question I've stopped doing that. Apparently GS would rather let threads go unanswered and pay MULTIPLE people to run Discord, Facebook and Twitters business' for them.. No updated beginning guide. No moderator providing even the simplest of answers... Basically I stopped working for free. 2. I've given the developers plenty of free ideas, once again, as a show of good faith. a. Flintlocks and rifles should double as a club when empty (simply press power hit/ block buttons) b. We have a "beast mastery" tree. Some people love the tames. Other people feel they're OP and dislike them. I proposed a "beast-slayer" or "big-game hunter" spec as a counter balance. Simply put, being, specced into it would provide increased damage versus animals balancing the scales... c. Discussed the "exponential growth" dilemma on PvE regarding tames AND the monumental time investment that restricts casual players ability to partake. Offered a multi prong solution.. Simply put we "age" in this game, animals should also. Furthermore the "wandering to mate" system should be replaced with a random (RNG based) "in heat" system. Miscarriages, infertility and mate rejection should also occur. Then the associated time sink could be adjusted. d. Proposed that the "achievements" system be adjusted. If I defeat the Kraken for example let ME choose MY reward. The generic name I used was "Boss Points". Maybe I want a sub or maybe I want torpedos. Also let it be respecced. e. Recently proposed that the trade system be implemented in a different manner. Trade should COST money, not create it. Also the absolutely terrible UI should be changed to function more like a stock market. Offer your goods up and let people fill the order or pass. Let them shop and bid. f. Passive income should be provided via gold (and SILVER) bullion deposits scattered high and low around the map. Attach a widget with an NPC and gold gets deposited. Let us players have generic little taverns, bakeries, tailors and even brothels in our little settlements to generate passive income. We both know this list could go on... and on... Now, please remember, these are the ideas I've given FOR FREE. As a show of good faith. If that doesn't wet the appetite for my most SIGNIFICANT idea, well (speaking to @Gortok and the dev team) too fucking bad. It may be copyrightable. Pretty sure its novel and I KNOW its worth millions. No more free shit. I'm taking that idea with me, or, they pay me for it. This post is too long already, besides, @Chucksteak i know their lights are on, but, I don't know if anyones home. Understand now my friend?
  23. @Captain Dingbat I've stated that I have the concept solution that they need for over a year now and haven't recieved a singly inquiry. It's not like these message boards are on fire either. I've seen days pass with zero posts. I guess Discord, Facebook and Twitter are giving them one hell of a kickback. They're GIVING AWAY all their user communications, ad revenue and GENERAL CONTROL to their future competition. For sale to the highest bidder. Simple monitoring would show I've visited this site almost everyday since the season 3 wipe. 2400+ game hours between 2 accounts since Season 3. PvP and PvE. Its like a restaurant chain giving away free samples and then ignoring the sample feedback. Dunno if they're scared to engage the audience on the message boards due to some bad legal advice, a break in the chain of command, or if they're trying the old interrogation trick of using silence to get someone to blurt out info. I actually agree that modular building on both sea and land could be the way to go if they implement it correctly. However I catch more lag walking by a single armored dock than 5 gallys.. hence some cautious skepticism. Either way they're still only nibbling the edges of whats possible. I'm 45 years old and in video game development those should be counted in dog years.. but, alas, we talk while they fiddle
  24. @Gortok & dev leadership Last bit of free advice. If you are skeptical that there is a G.O.AT. way of proceeding that I can assist with, we should open up a 4th server with our merged concepts and let the players vote with their feet. Sometimes you just need a bit of faith and have to invest some money to make some money. Also, just because I curse like R Lee Ermy sometimes on here doesn't mean Im not a sweetheart to work with. Off I go. Either your listening, have a functional chain of command and ya contact me... or.. well, whatever.
  25. Take care my fellow forum members. If anyone receives an acknowledgement and a "thank you for your advice" from the devs be sure to let us all know... @Grendalsh laughed so apparently the developers have heeded his suggestions. He took all the time and energy to type up his feedback. Thats how an appreciative community leaders should respond, correct? With silence, right? They've got 2 years worth of comments right here the developers could skim but ,uh, now they need you to type it on discord... and, um, fill out some surveys.. Lord knows that during the 18 months I've been reading these forums daily that the community here has been crying out for Ramming Galleys and tamable Sea Horses... I've given them well over a year to acknowledge that I may have some valuable advice to offer, but, apparently, it either inconveniences them to speak directly, privately or, more likely, they're not listening. Once again take care y'all. Just remember, true friends tell you the truth, even if it's bitter. I'll visit from time to time
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