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  1. Haven't played in months but I thought i read a patchnote saying there was a way... anyway heres what we used to do..

         Unless something changed from several montths ago WHENEVER my trading partners or I had an issue we...

    1 All got in chat together.

    2 Demoed our markets

    3 Then 1 by 1 we synced them up


    If private mode is still an option and functions then maybe it will help with the trade request spam, i doubt it though

    Good luck

  2. @Whitehawk & @George of the jungle yea I'm still befuddled as to why companies go to mass market via mmo's when they don't have a single player or its bugged.

          Strikes me as a learn to crawl before you walk type of no brainer. 90% of Atlas' problems could have been avoided this way. 

    I do understand it, I suppose, under some scenarios..

         A large, well funded company w years of industry experience directly relating to mmo's well then i suppose it would be logical. The industry giants, so to speak. However, they've stated on numerous occasions that their development team is small, so I don't get it..

         To build BIG a stable foundation is required. The "foundation" is single player or small scale matchmaking. From there, when the core experience is defined, stable and popular THEN run with it.. They've spent 2 years putting the wagon in front of the horse. Period.

  3.      Expanding on @Whitehawk comments, they've had literally years worth of constructive criticism and the game just keeps getting worse.

    I joined between the 2nd{?} and 3rd(?) wipe, was pretty happy and was encouraging people who had left the game to return. Then they stuck it in sideways, completely wiped all my progress.

    The dictionary definition of "prerelease" is "existing or occurring prior to the release of something". The game is mislabeled as "prerelease" when it should be labled as "under development".

        Theres been like 5+ wipes

        Core mechanics undergoing complete overhaul

        Bugs that are persistent and expanding constantly

        Many features or adjustments are rolled out partially then just left in half ass status

        I could go on ad nauseam


         I quit playing months ago but unless something radical happens not only will this company never receive a dollar of my money, nor an ounce of my time, but i will encourage anyone who asks to boycott the products of the affiliated companies. They're literally charging people to beta test and then shitting all over the people who participate. I dunno if they lack leadership, just dgf or have TOO MANY leaders. Either way they've turned a potential G.O.A.T. into a clusterfuck.

        My 2 cents.

  4.      Don't even need to see the map, your statements contradict eachother.

    "High level areas w valuable resources in the North... Resources spread out so that nobody dominates valuable resources... Trade winds so that you can travel the map faster""...

         Soooo, um, basically, the top companies head North, gear up, then use the highway to return South and extend their advantage? 

    Am i missing something? Did you create a small-tribe-invincibilty-platform-rabbit-hat that I missed in the notes?


         I'm usually not the type to slow down and gawk at a car accident but wow.




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    On 4/27/2021 at 6:44 AM, photek said:


    yea so you can see who is hiding behind the system now.


    without claimable islands there will be more action, i am rly excited to see how it turns out if they remove claimable islands


    if you can destroy it quick you can build it quick right

    so i hope they will remove the gold cost for the normal building system, only that way it makes more sense to not having claimable islands, more action faster gameprogress at the beginning and so on...


    and to the solos:

    online games rarely are solo games.

    you can not "win" such games alone, but you can have fun and this is it was made for. ❤️

         A friendly rebuttal.

    Alot of people start games as solos

    They become solo when friends switch games

    Sometimes they're in a small guild but they may have an odd day off...

    Theres 50 more reasons probably... They neglect solo play at their own peril. Gamers tend to lean towards introverted personality types. Even in a Mega its a SINGLE person connecting to game and interacting by default.


    I've happily moved on to an mmo that caters to everyone. Also, left my character logged in for ~20 hours on accident and didn't get booted. Its frikken perfect. I can set my character up to cook 2000 meals, go to work, put them away and go pvp or pve. I've happily dropped 100bucks voluntarily also.. like tipping good for good service.

    I didn't like Ark but I liked this game until the wipe that removed NA. I was excited at Atlas' potential. NOW though, reading this last update,...

    Nopin the fuck out. Easy call to uninstall.


    * sidenote I'll go bump my other thread so you can hear it from a game developer speaking at a conference

  6. @George Catcher & @Nacona

         Just curious, where is that 5x event Pic from? They still think other message platforms are more important than their Official Forums? Really?

    Going to play the other video game thats earned my business.

          Sidenote, from here on I refuse to refer to them as "seasons", they're fucking WIPES because the developers can't get their shit straight. Period. I'm losing count what will the next wipe be #4 or #5?


    On 4/10/2021 at 12:29 AM, Nacona said:

    je nes parle pas fraincaise.

    But i guess your translation with goolge is pretty good.

         If I was using a translator it wouldn't be a guess..


  8. 🙂

    Venturing a guess for a goof..

    1. Web site in french isn't working correctly?

    2. The support ticket system isn't answering the questions posed?

    3. Slow response time?

    4. Fix it and maybe the old saying about breaking a few eggs to make an omelette?

    5. Thank you for listening to my complaints?

         Is my paraphrasing close?

        At 20 points per did I score about 80 out of 100?

        Anyone? 🙂

  9. @Grayson

         I don't agree w everything @Chucksteak says about you but I will offer some possibilities to consider.

    1. Single Player/ Co Op may provide the experience your craving, if they ever manage to get it sorted.

    2. Same for private servers, once again, if they ever get the mechanics stabilized.

    3. Worst case vote with your feet. I'm on hiatus myself and theres plenty of games to choose from.


         Final thing, I definitely flipped my shit when they pulled the "surprise-wipe-no-more-NA PvE" for season 3, so I sympathize w your frustrations. I don't understand why they don't realize the importance of catering to BOTH play styles in a ONE CHARACTER experience. Pretty simple.. Some days I wanna PvP, some days I wanna PvE and some days I don't want to log in at all. Not rocket science, unless they cut a deal that pays per customer hours played, I heard thats a thing.. Dunno.

         Next few months will be interesting to watch either way if one is sufficiently detached..

  10.       Some advice for the devs, piggybacking off of @NewLexican

    From The Art of Worldly Wisdom by Baltasar Gracian (Christopher Maurer translation)


         #27 Better to be intensive than extensive. Perfection isn't quantity, but QUALITY.

          #57 Thoughtful people are safer. Do something WELL and that is quick enough... Only perfection is noticed and only success endures.

          #66 Take care to make things turn out well. Some people scruple more over pointing things in the right direction than in successfully reaching their goals... It is an art to set aside art when you must do so to bring things to a happy conclusion.

         #91 Never act unless you think it prudent to do so. ...It is dangerous to undertake something when you doubt its wisdom. it would be safer to not act at all. Prudence refuses to deal in probability: it ALWAYS walks under the midday sun of reason.

         #92 Transcendent wisdom. This is the first and highest rule in acting and speaking... An ounce of prudence is worth a pound of cleverness. It's more a matter of walking surely than courting vulgar applause.

         #136 Size up the matter. Take pulse of the business at hand. Many see the trees but not the forest, or bark up the wrong tree, speaking endlessly, reasoning uselessly, without going to the pith of the matter. They go round and round, tiring themselves and us, and never get to what is important. They waste time and patience on what it would be better to leave alone and later there is no time for what they have left.

         #147 Don't be inaccessible. ...The person who doesn't listen is a hopeless fool. Even the most independent of people ought to heed friendly advice, and even sovereigns are happy to learn from others... We all need a friend who feels free to scold us and give us advice... We need the faithful mirror of a confidant. If we value that mirror it will set us free from deceit.


         Post is getting too long. Zero clue if your listening anyway.

    Good luck.

  11. @ScarlettSwagger

        Few more tidbits...

    1. The meat consumption is insane going from juvenile to adult. Can't remember if its 5 or 7 imprints, anyway, i would FILL 2 troughs with salted meat every 8 hours (12000 meat) for cub batches of ~8, still lost several batches due to starvation just by oversleeping a couple of hours. I was just hobby breeding but I'm 100% serious, 3 or more filled troughs recommended per 8 hours depending on litter size.

    2. I parked my breeding females out of range with the bears also for the most part, once they're mature the food requirement isn't bad at all.

    3. Can't remember if i raised the bottom floor/ campfire area EXACTLY 2 foundations but I think that's what it was. The important part is getting the campfires right below the mating/ birthing area to radiate upwards though...

       So basically just be aware they require ridiculous amounts of food growing from juvenile to adult. Was VERY fun though, some had ~750 HP, STAM, WT, w 200+ melee. Some of my dedicated sidekicks had 1000+HPS (all pretty much fully imprinted). Also I was just a part time breeder, fyi.


    Once again good luck, warned ya atleast TWICE about the food 😜

  12. @ScarlettSwagger


    Regular Map (Maelstrom) Tundra PvE

         Breeding Area (Top Floor)

    1. Two story (4 walls high) w vaulted ceilings. Top floor was breed area. Also I suggest building it 2-3 foundations above ground level so snakes can't glitch through the wall. Quick and dirty way is to make all inner foundations thatch and wrap it in wood. Stone IS NOT necessary.

    2. One tile in from the outer wall I placed wooden doorframes on 3 sides of the 2nd floor.

    3. Between the outer wall and inner perimeter doorframes I placed as many campfires as i could fit

    4. I left enough room on the entry wall for a preservation bag w ice, a water barrel and large storage box for saddles and various crap.

    5. Used a small gate w ramps for entry. Whole breeding area was about 8x6 tiles, maybe? Plus about 8x6 for the conga line outside.

    6. I was able to place the stud in the middle w a female on each side and breed 2 at a time. As my stable of female lions grew (~20) I would line them up towards the entry in a conga line and rotate until i got to the first one impregnated. This resulted in ~2 births every 3-5 minutes to give ample sorting time.


         *** Very Important Bottom Floor ***

    1. Raised the floor 2 foundations using foundations in the center, ceiling tiles on the edge and added half stairs.

    2. Crawled around and spread ~6 campfires AROUND THE CENTER DIRECTLY UNDER the mating area. I usually only needed the center 4 or so. Leave space to crawl between to light them and refill.

    3. When built correctly the campfires from the bottom floor will be ~touching the bottom of the second floor. In real life it would burn down 😂, but, in Atlas the heat from the campfires underneath radiates safely to the 2nd floor breeding area.


         Few pro tips

    A. However much raw meat you think you'll need, triple it.

    B. Park Bears away from the feeding troughs or they'll eat the meat for the maturing lions.

    C. Lots of ice and preserving bags

    D. I used salted meat in the feed troughs since it lasts 8 times longer than raw.

    E. If your doing this for resale most buyers will want tigers for the swipe and bleed.

    F. Don't freak out about the hot and cold icons above the new borns, just check their HPs, usually they'll be fine when you get practice. At night the temperature drops so I would often get cold icons but they rarely lost more than 2HPs out of 35 and immediately healed when the temperature returned to normal.

    G. Once I had my litter sorted i drug them to the corner and usually operated w 4 1st floor campfires and ~7 2nd story fires.

    H. Don't forget to disable wandering, follow, actiivate ignore group whistles and set them to passive.

    I. Occasionally, in addition to all the aforementioned campfires, I had to use ~8 torches on a switch, placed on the doorframes, to get breeding to occur. Cold front maybe?


    Final thing, this system is 2+months old.

    Good luck. 🙂

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  13. @Nacona

         You do realize that the PvP servers already have PvE areas right?

    The Freeports

         Also MANY other games have been able to find various ways to balance PvP and PvE on the same server for over a decade now. I play Roblox games with my kids where they manage to pull it off. It's not hard. Even on TOTAL PvP servers.


    The system

    1 Identify the griefing scenario.

    2 Fix the griefing scenario.


    Thats it

  14. @Captain Kuro

    Simple answer.

    In order to be a Pirate, your merry band needs to have the following roles filled

    -builder/ architect



    -patch translator

    -animal handler

    -somebody to stock troughs and refill basic supplies

    -Market/ Warehouse/ Farmhouse operator



         THEN, if you still have free time, feel free to enjoy your Pirate adventures 🙂


    Good luck

  15. @Chucksteak, @Whitehawk, & @Gindorf

         I'm of the opinion that PvP and PvE MUST be incorporated onto the same servers for this game to be successful.

    Thank you everybody for your feed back.


         Interesting sidenote, its already incorporated, very poorly, via the Freeport. So the question really isn't IF they should do it, since they already have, but whether or not they can execute it correctly.


    Have a good day y'all 🙂

  16. @PHaRTnONu

    Aww yea, gettin that ass now. Shark attack motherfucker...

    On 3/21/2021 at 2:26 PM, PHaRTnONu said:

    I never mentioned DEMO'ing as a new person wouldnt be able to because harbors we rank 10 all the structures and no one is given that rank ever.

         So noone is ever given rank 10 huh? What about the rank of Admin?... How do you navigate that scenario Emperor Talks in Circles?

    a. Angry illogical little twerps like you were the reason I left several large companies over the 3 seasons I played. You were happy to take the bps I donated, the crops I farmed, the food I cooked, the pile of money I grinded out, but never advice. When I'd explain how to conduct a proper military amphibious landing you'd ignore the advice and fuck it up. Three times in a row. You know why? Because shit heads like you are all talk. You don't have a clue how to conduct proper reconnaissance, planning and execution. All you know how to do is swarm ships in the water and overrun soft targets.

    On 3/21/2021 at 2:26 PM, PHaRTnONu said:

    as mega's we build for use, not aesthetics so that rp shit does mean your base is shit.

    b. Why the fuck do you call anyone who disagrees with you a roleplayer? What leads the 9 synapses in your noodle to divert to that "insult"? So FUCKING what if someone IS a roleplayer? Does that make their fun less valuable than yours? I don't roleplay but I've met some fucking hilarious people over the years who can provide HOURS of entertainment with a goofy voice and some well timed quips. Grow the fuck up you narrow minded, male-Karen, man child. Snide remark making, logic lacking...


         I could wreck your selfish, shit for brains logic for hours.

    1 Noticed that you requested a box that people can place things IN but can't take them OUT. Whats wrong? Nobody in in your "Mega" likes the admins enough to say "Heres some gold for the Company fund Cpt. Karen"?

    2 Noticed you have zero sympathy for the new guy whos worried he'll grind for hours but then receive NOTHING and get booted over a disagreement.


         Is THAT maybe why your so worried about scuttled ships? Panzy.

          Guessing your going to ignore the verbal ass whoopin your receiving in Q&A 9 and just thought I'd pop by... 😉


    @Chucksteak sorry, couldn't help it. Osama Bin Phart here dropped some verbal diarrhea in Q&A 9. 🙂

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