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  1. So I am a returning player and was searching the forums on the changes to cannons and shipbuilding. Before I spend the time to do so, would like to know what has changed. I heard that large cannons can't be placed on deck and only at large gunports.......I found the patch notes on that. I also heard you can still place canons on the back, like a shotgun build, double stacked but the bottom canons wont work. This is what I can not find info on. If anyone could help me out before I start building and wasting materials that would be great. TLDR I want to recreate a old PVE schooner ship with 8 ship canons(not large)and double decked on the back. Is this still possible? I've been told a cannon wont work with a ceiling and cannon above it. Thanks.
  2. Some friends of mine bought this game for me on 2-25-20. I logged in to their dedicated server, selected Blackwood Map, and the three of us played together for a few hours. The highlight of the night was I leveled quite a bit and was able to tame me a monkey. At the end of the session, I walked into their house and logged out for the night. After work the next day, I go to log in and it takes me straight to the Character Creation screen. Confused, I restart everything and retry again. Same issue. So of course I come here and try to find some topics on this. So I search for "Character Missing" in forums and some other things and see this was kinda a big thing in Jan, 2019 I think. But I am not finding much info on it recently. I did see a few post about missing characters, but really has no responses and are no help. I did read a few things to do but I am not sure since I am new and haven't been following this game. 1) I seen a few post that warns you should not create a new character. It overwrites the previous character. Just wait it out and it will come back. So I didn't create a new toon last night and didnt get to play. Gonna see if I can log in when I get home today after work. 2) I seen a post by Dollie(I guess a mod) that says go ahead and create a new character. I dont mind this, I only have a few hours into that character anyways. But not sure I want to play 300 hours then lose a toon in the future. Only to have to grind again. 3) I also ran a "Verify Files" from Steam, and every time I run it, it says "1 file was in error and it replaces it". But this is every time I run it. I think I ran it 4 or 5 times last night and it kept saying it has one file that will be reacquired. At this point I am not sure what to do. Make a new character? Uninstall and download again? Wait it out? Any help from some veterans around here that can give me an idea of what I should do would be much appreciated. And If I have missed a big post on all of this, I am sorry. P.S. I asked my friends in game If I was still part of the Company and if my monkey was still there that I tamed before I logged off. I was still in the Company, and my monkey was still there. P.S.S. Only thing that was even slightly weird was when I first logged into the game, I was already dead. I assume this happened because first time loading games, it takes a little bit. And I figured I was mauled by a tiger waiting for everything to load up. I respawned and had fun the rest of the night. Network: Dedicated Server, PC, Nitrado Grid: I think Blackwood don't have grids? Description of issue: Character Missing after first play. Any screenshots or video demonstrating the bug: None, it was my first day. Repro steps if available/applicable: N/A CCC (if location specific, please include the CCC with your report): I do not know this.
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