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  1. Lol guessing the single player npc camps are on the way to official...
  2. "As always, we appreciate the suggestions and feedback from the community. Please keep them coming! Thank you for all of your support!" -----> Lol crazy sad state things have become over several years..... I wonder how much feedback and suggestions have been marked as solved, nobody is supporting anything you have done or continue to do....You guys have no clue what you are doing and it shows.
  3. Lol couldn't tell ya what bad decisions were made being haven't made any. Devs tho that's another story. And yes you wipe turds when then been stale with barely any players the last several months better yet prolly best to take the game offline completely.
  4. Sad what this game has become spent 6500hrs playing this, and ive literally watched the devs destroy what was once a great thing. Dont listen to your community dont support tickets dont fix bugs dont fix servers charge an insane amount for private servers that work even worse crazy..... Atlas as a whole has became one giant pile of disgruntled customers treated as game testers for something they put their hard earned time and money into with little result and or care from the devs but the quick and easy response is "its game preview". Atlas state 2021 DO NOT BUY! DO NOT SUPPORT!
  5. Should have just said 24hrs is what y'all got left....
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