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  1. What is REALLY needed is to separate Settlers from Alliances. If the island owners could accept and reject settler requests and they would be instantly red tagged or white listed for the settlers of the island. as well as an approved island settlers chat instead of having all of your settlers see your alliance chat. As it is now, settlers need to be allied or they are end up a liability to building and island defenses, as well as a security leak liability with their access to ally chat. And with the current state of the game, if the settler is not worth having for mutual defense and attacks, they are not worth blue tagging. Which means a lot of these tiny 3-8 man companies are not able to find a place to live outside of lawless unless they merge into a larger company.
  2. Can we PLEASE get it so that farmhouses and warehouses default to burning wood? the thatch burns way too fast
  3. If you place a Stone Farmhouse and then pick it up within the allotted time... It shows up in your inventory as a wood farmhouse.
  4. Would REALLY be great if you could fix the map of O14. One of the islands is incorrectly rotated from how it is in the game.
  5. Network: NA PVP Grid: L14 Description of issue: The natural harbor has a large shallow area that is not considered part of the island that is within the main coastline of the island. I am attempting to wall it in but the wall will not be protected with the rest of the island. The shallows are nearly shallow enough to stand in some areas... Any screenshots or video demonstrating the bug: attached Repro steps if available/applicable: CCC (if location specific, please include the CCC with your report): cheat TP L14 -54133 179213 -59
  6. When you can destroy a shipyard in less than 2 minutes with a war brig... they do not need to be any weaker.
  7. PLEASE make the 2x2 wood gates placeable on ships... And placeable flat on the deck so we can have access ports on the flat of the deck without a superstructure
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