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  1. I could really use some help! I have been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out why we cannot fast travel or spawn on beds outside of our claim area. I have searched everywhere I can think to search and cannot get an answer. I am running a private 5x5 PVE do not want structures to decay and want to be able to build anywhere regardless of claims and be able to fast travel\spawn anywhere. It seems that all of our grids are being treated as lawless zones which is what is blocking us from using land based beds but from what I can find this: bDontUseClaimFlags=false in the game.ini should make it so they are not. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. @PHOENIX125 Thank you! Your explanation of how it handles it helped me figure it out. Our server is super locked down so it was not able to write the temp file. That was causing it to go in the infinite update loop. I have corrected the file perms and the problem is fixed! Thanks for the fast response!
  3. I am having an issue with the Mod Updater. I had my server up and running with three mods and we decided to add more. I added those mods to the json file after completely exiting the Utility. When I restarted the utility it detected the new mods downloaded them and then started the servers. About 2 minutes later it said the modlist changed (It did not) and it shut them down updated nothing and started them again. This happened about 5 times so I bailed out of the program. and closed everything again. Started up it said new mods were added and did the same thing. I am on the third iteration of that now and it is still bringing them up, shutting them down then repeat. Anyone seen this before and know how to resolve it? Thanks!