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  1. Its a boss like the Hydra. all drop Mythos and Hydra is still within to what i seen on PTR
  2. it allows two Grid transfers vertical or horizontal.. Or One grid Diagnal One place Warehouse / Farmhouse / Market.. the shit runs into the farmhouse which puts a % to the warehouse. easy to start by manually stacking the warehouse with like 10k of each matt on ur island. GOTO you market and create a new trade click refresh and link to someone. they HAVE TO ACCEPT IT.. but view what they want so you do a 1 for 1 trade. To earn max gold from this you need 20 types of trades to trade and 6 accepted in the Market. Explained
  3. Where is the supposed community Manager? Never replies so obviously doesnt know the meaning of the role. - Feedback to Both Parties... Are you even relaying any of the community concerns regarding the state of ATLAS? as we dont see replies from you or your Customer Relations. Everytime you submit a ticket its just solved never a reply to the concerned. (GREAT COMMUNICATION SKILLS THERE) Armoured Docks OK to be spammed everywhere? with 30m HP (Can we add a freeport NPC vendor in them too) LOL. = x2 Per Company per grid atleast Maximun. The whole point of creating Harbour runners is to do what it states and create CONTENT but that just got burnt out. Claim Islands - I thought you couldnt build on them? You can place an armoured dock on the isle as ive seen a few with Boats in there. SEASON 1 claim system - All thats been done is revamped and added the ability to claim someones possible BP'd Ship (Why would you go backwards?) Lawless was created for the smaller companies who choose not to claim ISLANDS, Stay hidden and not seen Now theres a target on there locations = LOL.... Barrels on SHIP should not be fired from anything if you want your ship to have barrels drop over the side (HandBall) and allow the vessal to sail into them. People are not wanting to build there ships and sail because of the x3 Barrel sink. An update with Q&A doesnt resolve anything, because your fellow employee asked a question and your dev team replied lol. The questions your Team have come out with is beyond belief Half of them have never crossed my mind since playing upon release and possibly others?. Then theres the performance before any of this fancy stuff, Did your company not drop the size of servers to help performance? - Where is the help when you still get 120 players in one grid lol.. This is supposed to be a game that can hold how many? 8k plus over multiple servers IM NOT 100% sure but COMEON now. Theres still the shield BASH to sort (A naked with a Shield can win a fight lol) then the Torper from a mace i could go on. BUT IT ISNT MY GAME OR MY COMMUNITY.. Bring back the OLD devs who actually created a ROAD MAP to keep us informed (AS WE KNOW THATS NOW OUT THE WINDOW) Or bring some of the guys in that do the UNOFFICIAL as they seem to be doing something right. Where there is Critism there has to be good Points - This is from an Appraising point of view if you know what that is being a manager The few things this DEV team has given in the correct way has been - Stam Drain and Glider Movement +1 / Dolphin +1 for Having in Harbour instead of having to search one for crafting purpose / +1 SeaHorse (Good defence for Harbours aswell as scouting lol) so well done on these goals. You have a WIPE comming as you state... NO DOUBT its for the easter sale on steam as that is your companies revenue - SALES. Just alittle help here: You want new customer for the easter wipe? SORT THE GAME OUT LOL. - RELAY THESE CONCERNS AND THEN RELAY TO UR COMMUNITY. Is that not why you have a website up and running? so the community can voice together on forums, is that not why you have seperate managers for each section? Everytime you have done a Q&A no names have been mentioned. Give them the Voice that they asked you the question and show there names so they can admit if they asked it. Then you wouldnt get called out for the BOGUS questions asked and replied.. - ITS CALLED FEEDBACK TO X Y AND Z.... Thanks for hearing my concerns (and possibly Majority of the community but who knows).
  4. Obviously the feed back from the community isnt herd otherwise we would get the answer from what keep being asked........ via Majority of the same question. New claim System??? its Season 1 revamped (Lawless for a reason - Be seen and not found) - Might aswell call it Law and Claimed. - Not Broke dont FIX IT. (Now you can claim someones BP'd Ship not just there base. or you might be lucky and claim half of the base now that is funny lol) Barrels still able to shoot from Boat (Been complained about alot in the last 2/3seasons) Remove them and allow Over Board Barreling via Hand. Armoured DOCK (Way too many for one company in one Grid - Reduce them to x2 Per company Per Grid?) - (NEW FREEPORT META ON ANY ISLAND just need an NPC Vendor with them) Sea Tax Island (No build except for bank and towers?) - (Theres Armoured Docks placed there and FOB Boats hmmmmmm) Honeslty ide love to know who asks these Questions you guys throw out there because the Normal questions that would be asked are never seen lol Side note the past few updates that came out were good IMO (Stam Drain and movement of Glider) - (Ballista Flame increased over Sails) - (and i do like the Dolphin/Seahorse) So a big well done and thnak you on these Patches. You wont get more people visiting the sea when it take less then 40minutes to claim someones isle on LAW'd they wont go farm becuase of the time travel. You wont get more people visiting the sea when they can lose the 50k Galleon within x5 Barrels! 35k brig x3 barrels 5k schooner x1/2 Barrels. You wont get more people visiting the sea if they have to dock at a LAW'd isle as something going on in rl to come back and they lose there ship. It takes days to Claim a ship with What yours is mine (Useless skill for awhile now) but if i thow a SEA CLAIM down its mine within 40mins. YAY!!! - FAIL SYSTEM Season 1 Some may have given more to this game then me but since launch ive invested 6k hours and is still playing not so much now becuase of the Wipe Hype but hey. Questions that are asked must be from the new Players honestly or even the dev team throwing questions to each other as there role play tester.......
  5. You have No clue.. like i said in previous posts that you make. go back to CS or Rust. This game isnt for you. When you tame any farming tame for wood/stone/thatch thats PVE. when you build ur BASE thats PVE. when you BUILD ur ship thats PVE thats so ur aware of what PVE is... PVP Explained... Blow someones base kill them - sink someones ship kill them. YOU Need PVE for PVP.... Alot dont like PVP and like to create there own stories so leave them to it. They dont wanna grind for a few hours after work to sit and fight they just wanna chill, building playing taming etc i do PVE on Official so i can PVP like SOTD's Ghostship for Buffs and other bosses lol.... THis game is a pirate game, not allowing to destroy ur opponents seems idiotic to me! Makes no sence Pirates back in the day dug treasure again PVE aswell as fought lol.. I know while i make this post you will not comment as you IGNORE 90% of your replies but please stop with ur useless posts..
  6. I agree, ive also been here since launch and put in 6k hours on official - Endured alot of BS as you would from a beta... There determination is to get more towards sea but with the cost of everything on the boat building side, People dont wanna sail out after they do build to lose it within 3 barrels. if they brought the Gold cost in for ship building they should of removed barrels. (Infact they shouldnt have a barrel on board uless your throwing off the side.) and the the NEW/OLD claim system is LOL.... Lawless???? what Lawless its now LAW lol. No hiding away from the enemies now haha - Total BS imo There is a player market that you place at freeports. add items sell etc etc.
  7. Honestly this Game isnt for you, You need to go back to RUST SOLO/DUO - I agree on ur two Points ARMOURED DOCKS REMOVE and Gold cost for Boats. BUT COME ON?? -Handcuffs need to be removed or there needs to be a solution they are too overpowered in certain situations for example if u r getting raided u cant even face ur opponents in melee fight because u r too scared to to fall into their hands and be hand cuffed. Thjen u can see ur base being raided while u cant do anything. Also handcuffs can be used in a abusive way. People can literally keep being caged for hours. Either remove handcuffs completely or find another way! This feature is absolutely abusable and very bad! -Cannon balls fly too slow another factor that turns sea fights into horseshit. They fly too slow and thus are able being dodged by simply stopping the boat and accelerating it. -bar shots need to be removed utter idiotical overpowered horse crap ammunition that ruins sea pvp. All sea fights are determined by this ammunition. Cuffed can be held for 24hrs then need to release. And its fun when you capture someone and they watch there walls fall Cannon Balls faster? You do realise in REALISTIC WAY as you keep harping on about in your non-sence They wasnt FAST at all. due to weight and was shot via fuse. You HAD TO LEAD YOUR SHOTS.... it aint RUST CS ETC ETC aim on target and hit lol Barshot? WTF are you going on about your saying things about realistic lmfao. DUDE/DUDESS Barshots were Used FACT lol. and there still used in multiple SEA games haha. Im sorry im having a hard time copy pasting to reply i dont wanna waste my time but i had to say something for your very demanding ways. Feel sorry for your mrs or your fella if your this demanding over a Beta. either way Good Luck playing atlas.
  8. if your gonna buy another ide wait untill easter sale Wipe is due - game is dying due to the announcement of wipe aswell as other issue's with it, I rekon wipe will be around easter as youll get easter sales. and this has gone as little as £4 at xmas time and £8 around easter. So me personally ide wait
  9. Makes no Difference if you ask me they removed the system due to bugs with it and allowed Claimed islands and Lawless. Now Lawless is not that as its owned so should be Law and Claimed. There was a point to being a lawless going unseen as your enemy searched for you while farming the Rare resource, Now you just having a shit stick saying HERE I AM Now they've just shown where the enemies are in LAWLESS areas so the Small group that do usually settle going undetechted now have a come get me sign because if they dont someone else is gonna claim there base.. We put one down to have a test of it to find we claimed someones half a base lmfao. all we did was demolish a wall and we owned there resource box and ammo while they had a few storages and there door. ITS A JOKE SYSTEM Its a pointless attempt - There major focus was to bring more sea exploration hence the Dolphin/Seahorse as its is a sea game as such This claiming system will not want people to explore, because ur base will be gone within 40minutes, its the same as the BUG on the Seaforts not allowed to build on it but yet you can place an armoured Dock and just place a fob boat there. Now that makes sence too (Not).. WANT PEOPLE TO GO TO SEA MORE???? Remove the Barrel from SHIPS lol Been Complained about for what 2/3 Seasons but its still here lol... No one and i mean no one wants to spend hours doing a boat to lose it in 3 barrel shots and with the cost of ships now. I admit Im guilty i use a Barrel on the back just so i can match my Opponant but i really HATE this. In No game SEA type have i seen barrels been shot from. Barshot yes that was a thing.. but come on! They really need to look into this, atleast there last team put the PTR up for awhile to be tested by the community before implementing, Now this team run it for a couple days or so and i doubt there testing otherwise they'de know the issue's and not release its last couple of updates. eg: Armoured/Claims. Only thing that did come decent from the patches were the glider stam drain and movement of that aswell as increased flame damage of Balista. they still allowed the barrels to be shot from boats but hey thats another story lol.
  10. I was mearly using what he come across via the claim system which he announces at around 4min. Hoping the devs would actually do research instead of saying its a new system its been done and it failed.
  11. O Dear i see Naval action here hahaaha
  12. NEW???????? New System: Area Claiming New Tower types have been added to claim land in lawless regions. Claiming gives ownership over an area, preventing any other companies from building there. A new claim also gives ownership over any buildings in its area. Destroying the tower removes the build prevention and allows anyone else to claim the area and its contents. The claimed area is visible on the map Claim Towers may be seen through concealment with the spyglass Claim Towers cost Island points, starting at 4 and maxing around 8 May claim Armored Docks and the ships inside them New Structure: Land Claim Tower This Tower must be placed on land. When first placed, it will start at 10% health, and slowly repairs itself and upon reaching 100% health will lay claim to the surrounding area of land. Claiming takes about 45 minutes without interference Enemies may damage the claim tower while it is building to slow its progress or destroy it Players may "repair" the tower for 2% health every 5 seconds (costs 100g) If a competing tower is built within the radius before this tower is complete, it is immediately destroyed New Structure: Water Claim Tower This Tower must be placed within already-claimed water. It extends the claim radius out to sea to protect your harbors. Claiming takes about 30 minutes without interference May be repaired like the Land Claim Tower Im hoping the new devs actually read feedback on subjects so heres my 2cents, Why would you go back into a season 1 failure THIS IS NOT A NEW SYSTEM Only thing new here is you put a POINT cost on ? All you have done is used the files from previous parts of the game and restyled them, what did you do look at the player base back in season 1? and think hey we can go backwards. Season 1 was spam of land and seas to the point people were claiming seas just to spell there companies names causing major lag from claim areas so the dev team back then implemented one island claim to stop the island spams and allowed lawless to be just that, if you choose to live there that was your risk, Lawless having most of the rares wasnt ment to be lived 24/7 it was farm and move, or farm and hide ur stash due to rare. You would pull up on ur boat grab and move - But your current comments state you want more sea action, your moving people towards the sea to explore etc, - Exactly the same with a freeport but YET you still allow boats to stay there and turn into FOBS. max res and become a breeding pen or farm fob (Thumbs Up for no fix) WHY the hell would i park a boat in a lawless now! oh sorry ive gotta get the phone or see to the kids etc, im alittle longer then expected and bang its like cilet (the sh** is gone) Season 1 was based on using the claim system to get someones buildings that then spent (xyz) building which pissed a few player of, And now you bring it with the passion to allow claiming someones BP'd ship - this makes ZERO sence for you wanting people to come to sea.... As the OLD Saying goes if its not Broke dont fix it - There was other areas to look at improving rather then a lawless region. Then you have the Armoured SHIPYARD - why would you allow companies to have multiple freeports on different islands? Only thing there missing is to buy NPC from - Why havent you LIMITED it to x2 per company per grid. IT would stop the island spam of them, and i thought it wasnt possible to build on control points but yet you can place an armoured dock there? Oh well lets just get a boat there and put 10 npc under the deck and create a fob. only way to get rid is kill the dock lmfao. it Makes ZERO sence to harbour run anyone anymore - You just killed that aspect of the game OH MY DAYS! Honestly guys i doubt you play or test what you create because you wouldnt have this many people getting frustrated over a game and maybe do your research on its previous seasons rather then stating something is new, Yes to the xbox players if they didnt have it on PC it is New but to all your VALID supporters since the Release me being one it ISNT NEW lol Ill probably get flamed by the solo/duo tribes but hey Honestly this patch is a major fail. and yes ive been here since season 1 with many hours supporting this game. Oh well enough from me i just hope that you relook this system because it will be flop to your game. For future Reference for the NEW DEV TEAM, i think he sums it up pretty well IMO:
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