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  1. I have had two fertilized parrot eggs and tried to hatch them only to have them vanish when I tried to place them to be hatched. What is the deal with that?
  2. I am not against the farmhouse, warehouse, market or the lumber yard, in fact I like them but here is the issue........there needs to be a limit on the number of them able to be placed per company and/or per region because as it stands anyone who came into the game late has absolutely no chance at all of getting any one of those buildings placed, anywhere on the map. I have personally ran into some islands that have several of the farmhouses on one island leaving no space for anyone else. Why not allow each company to have 1 farmhouse, 1 warehouse, 1 lumber yard and 1 market. That should be more than enough for anyone. Or even as I have heard suggested before, get rid of the farmhouses and lumber yards and just do the warehouse and market. I know this means you would have to fill the warehouse by hand but I am ok with that. It just seems totally unfair that no matter what, since I came into the game late.... I have no access to build a working market and some people have MANY. Also.....while I am at it, why do we on PVE servers have to play by the same rules as they do on PVP?? I mean I understand that on PVP they are aggressive and taking over the island with your warehouse, farmhouse etc would be beneficial in that but we are not trying to kill each other on PVE. Come on. Give us a chance. People are just setting down farmhouses and then when they realize they cant build the rest to go with it they just leave the farmhouse there to decay. Which leads to a lot of others coming in, demolish the farmhouse and set their own just to realize they to cannot do anything else either thus restarting the cycle. what a waste of resources and time for nothing.
  3. I am just wondering where I can find the "Terms of Service" for the game. I have looked in multiple places with no luck. The best I can find is the "Code of Conduct" but is that the same thing as TOS???
  4. H8 is having problems as well with logging in and getting kicked out. I think the problem is spreading. I to have put in a ticket along with a couple of other people from H8 with no response. Unfortunately, H8 is my home and I cant stay logged in long enough to do anything so I stand to lose my whole base and all my animals.
  5. Ok so now I am hearing that other players in other grids are not having this issue and it only seems to be affecting H8 grid. Can we please get some help. I don't want to loose all my animals. The buildings I could care less about....I will rebuild but I want to keep my animals. Oh and of course the issue we are having has no affect on the pvp servers. I know people that play there as well and they say pvp is working just fine.
  6. Can't log in through normal means (rejoin atlas), can go through by using join atlas online and choosing anyplace on the grid. This allows me to log in and starts me at my base no matter where I select on the map but, then I get logged in and cannot interact with anything at all. I cant even open my inventory on my character. After a few minutes it will kick me out with a battle eye error. What the heck is going on???? Can someone please fix this?? I mean come on, it is bad enough to go through all these wipes and have to start over now this to.
  7. So I have a question???? Is there only one fountain of youth active at a time? Or can you just go to any one of the locations and get the fountain of youth?
  8. I am sure this has been mentioned many times in many places but I have yet to see an answer for the problem or even a note from a dev or admin saying that they are working on the issue so here goes..... a few weeks into the game on a non-dedicated server, since Nitrado is apparently useless at getting the server we paid for up and running correctly, we suddenly can not pick up treasure maps and the ships of the damned are, lets just say, truly "ghost" ships. You see them, but they don't shoot at you and you can drive right through them. We have started over with a totally new game only to have the same thing happen again. Sigh! most heartbreaking since you cannot beat the game without the treasure maps and defeating the SOTD. Some one please tell me that this is being fixed and I have not wasted my time and money on a worthless game that can't be beaten. I have no desire to play pvp now or ever. Thats just me. If this game was not meant to be played otherwise then it should not be offered to play otherwise.
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