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  1. Here we go again with another nonsense topic about fast travel. If you don't know yet, what can you do with a ship and what can you do with a bed in some island, i think is better to stop playing ATLAS, and go to play CoD, Fortnite or something like that....
  2. JotaCe

    Why are cobras even in the game?

    I'm Ok with Cobras, if i can't kill them, i can run faster than them. My pain in the ass are the Lions. They have a kind of glue in their snout
  3. JotaCe

    Tropics Heat waves wtf

    The Heat isn't the problem, the Cold Is.
  4. JotaCe

    PVE Claim

    I was thinking about this idea: What about if claim system is removed from PvE and make all those claimed zones like lawless zones BUT with a higher decay time, like 8 or 10 days? I mean, we're pirates, not feudal lords like Life is Feudal MMO, so, what is the point to have this claim system? I understand the meaning on PvP servers, with all the dispute and fight into companies, trying to raid those buildings and more, but, in PvE what is the meaning? "See who has the BIGGEST ONE?" and "Who are the Master Lord of the Kingdom?" Maybe i have a different point of view, i sail by my own, been a real pirate, visiting island by island, trying to find and gather resources and treasures, having just 2 or 3 little bases to save some resources, armor and weapons and respawn places, and maybe a don't see the point of "I want to be the feudal lord of these lands" Would be nice if claim system will be removed or at least, be less complex.
  5. Thats all i need, you sold me! i'm tired about been overweight everytime i go to gather resources
  6. JotaCe

    PVE Claim

    I am afraid that if Dev's add more islands to claim, these will be taken quickly by the big companies that already have the others... Isn't about the number of islands, is about the number of flags you can claim.
  7. Kind of obvious that having land in claimed territory is better than lawless zone... BUT, if you found a nice place in those lawless islands, and nobody is bothering you, stay there, at least, until Dev's fix the claim system and limit those number of flags a player can have. Even better, move around 3 or 4 lawless islands, trying to found several resources and you can have a couple of beds to respawn in case you dead.
  8. JotaCe

    Island availability

    Yes, i'm not wasting anymore my time looking for a claimed zone. I'm active player, playing like 2 hours daily, i already found 3 places in different lawless zones (with different resources), that turn off my interest to keep my eyes on each flag and claimed lands and all the claim process.
  9. JotaCe

    Island availability

    I've been sailing for a month and across 12 or 14 server looking for a tiny spot in any of those claimed islands without luck (I'm in PvE). All are claimed and if some claim was available i must have to play 24/7 to put my flag and wait.....so, no thanks, i'm really fine with my piece of land on lawless zones. So, good luck with claiming.
  10. JotaCe


    Dishonored 1 and 2, Fallout 4 and 76, Assasins Creed Saga, Starwars Battlefront 1 and 2, Destiny 1 and 2, The Witcher 3, Red Dead Redemption 2...and the list continues....all those "finished" AAA games with several bugs and glitches, so, what do you expect about a game in EA? Stop playing this game, because you found bugs is ridiculous. When you bought this game, You knew what you were buying and what you were going to find. If you find bugs, you report them and make a feedback and wait until Dev's fix them. If people stop playing because the game has bugs, OK, but complain because an EA game has bugs, is like complain because you feel cold in the south pole.
  11. No, seriously, what for do you want a galleon or a brig if you play alone? I'm a solo player too, but, for me is enough a sloop or schooner. If you build a galleon or brig, you must be aware about the risk having and sailing those ships alone, it's to much effort, time and resources to lose if you're sailing SOLO.
  12. JotaCe

    this is not ark

    NO! Is ARK with Pirates! Haven't you noticed? I'm enjoying this game so f_cking hard! PS: I only have 2 bears and 1 wolf and most of the time i'm doing pirate things.
  13. Remove or limit fast travel, DON'T fix the claim system or avoid big companies to have more land. Fast travel it's the only way that small companies and lonely-wolf players have to travel, explore, gather resources and more from a huge distance. For example, it cost me a lot to sail across 6 or 7 servers with my sloop, to find ONE spot in a different lawless zones, to build a 4x4 base, and gather resources that i don't have in my other base. So, eventually, i'm gathering resources in one zone, and then, save all those resources, go to fast travel to the other base, gather different resources, and took my sloop and sail back to my other base. I save 1 journey, and like 2 hours of saling simulator. So, Next idea please.
  14. JotaCe

    Living in lawless going on holidays

    Put a lot of storage boxes around your base, save there all your valuable stuff, don't let anything important inside your base. Maybe, when you came back, you will found your base demolished (maybe not all), they enter and find nothing valuable, they leave and you will keep your land. OK, you will need to build again, but, who cares, it will be a minimal damage.
  15. JotaCe

    Claiming system is still broken

    Don't waste time about system claim, there is only 1 solution: Limit the number of claims people and companies can have. Thats all.