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    Does Support actually exist for this game?

    Which is such a massive shame because ATLAS is so much better than ARK. If they were to dedicate the same resources and time for ATLAS as they do with ARK then it could be one of the best games of all time.
  2. JoeyKray

    Where have 2X weekends gone ?

    Harvesting and XP are x2 but gold and breeding are not.
  3. JoeyKray

    Preserving resources

    Only way is to find an alliance and have them look after the gold for you. Only cost would be trust.
  4. JoeyKray

    ATLAS Patch: v405.9

    It was a 1.4gb update for me.
  5. JoeyKray

    Latest Patch (v404.5)

    It's because of the ALPHA status that we expect alot more from the dev's, it's a game that is supposed to be in full-time development, with the size of the team apparently working on the project and the big milestones they have set out we should have gotten a BIG update to game performance, (phase 1(which should have been well on the way to being completed already)) but no, we got something an experienced developer could do in one week. This is what people are complaining about.