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  1. I'd like some taming fixes too.
  2. They do need to stream line it. Also the land based maintenance in the game is a bit much for boat game.
  3. Curious about how to do this for xbox as well.
  4. I think if they dropped claiming all together and just made everything "Lawless", add a mix of max timers (starting at 12am 6am 12pm 6pm) to all the islands in each grid, and allow defenses to continue to defend even during peace time, to keep snoopers out as well as pvp still being allowed against players, npc, and tames, not structures / ships at the island. See a polite suggestion, why would people attack devs? They did way better at making a game than any of us have. However, we play the game, so it should be enjoyable. We relay our suggestions politely and they see what they can do to keep it enjoyable. You right man, dont know why all these people are so toxic. They have to be young.
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