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  1. This problem is all over in Atlas. there are to many forums stating this problem. but, the devs wont do any thing about it. they have said that they are too busy with Ark to do anything with Atlas. they can fix this problem but refuse because they are soo busy with Ark. I have read soo many forums about this problem. but the devs keep telling everyone that 'sorry we are really busy with the Ark release and are working on this. we are sorry for the inconvenience and will work on the problem when we are finished working on Ark. ' I guess they really dont care about Atlas at all.
  2. Grapeshot is busy with Ark and they do not care about Atlas. they are stretched too thin and won't hire anyone to dedicate to Atlas. So we are left out in the cold until they deep us worthy to fix their servers. there are allot of players who are currently haveing this problem as of this post. and they have said they are too busy with Ark to help any one on Atlas. And that those playing Atlas will just have to understand this and just wait for them to not be too busy with Ark and then they will address Atlas problems.
  3. ok so now that i ripped on you, I want to tell you a few things. on every forum and community board i have read pertaining to Atlas. I read the same thing over and over again. and that it. "this game (Atlas) has such great potential. I believe this could be a great game. But, .....) and there is the kicker. and I believe it as well, no other game has the dinamics this game has. I love the sailing, the adventure that has endless possibilities. the building on land and the ships. there is soo much here in this game that it could possibly be as good or better than Ark. But you need to do a better job at maintaining the servers. the golden rule to this is MAINTANANCE!!!!!... very simple. if I can give some advise. lol.. since you have so many servers running at one time. you need to have a maintenance schedule to systematically shut down and restart all the servers periodically. thats it. this will help with degradation of the servers and keep players happy. after all thats the purpose of early release is to get players to do your job of finding problems with in the game for you. You provide game play and we tell you the problems we find within the game so you can fix them and make the game better. We, as players, also let you know of possible upgrades and ideas to improve the game or make the game playable longer so we keep playing the game instead of getting bored and move on to some other game. This helps you get advertisements and get players to buy more content etc etc etc. So, I, as a player that likes this game and agrees that this game has allot of potential, would like to ask that you please have a few dedicated Devs to mitigate the maintenance of Atlas, so all of us can continue playing and giving feedback to you as Developers. I would also like to suggest that you turn back the clock on the affected servers so players like me do not lose animals, ships, crew, buildings, etc. Thankyou.
  4. Wow there is allot to say here. Dollie has said that he/she will restart your server if you just let him /her know the server and section. that constitutes and obligation to actually fix the problems players are having and so far Dollie has not done anything. in fact, they have done far worse. There was a post today that was taken off the forums in less than 30 min. Now, this is disturbing. so, this will answer The D Legacy's question. yes,, quite emphatically, Atlas Devs do think Atlas players' money is worth less than that of Ark. And here is why. We now know that the Devs are in fact reading forum posts and are well aware of the problems the Atlas players are having. we know this because they took down a post in less than 30 min. this is actually done very quickly when you consider all the posts and forums they have to go through in a day. so now we know that they are reading the posts. we also know that they don't care and are purposely ignoring our requests for help.. we also know from a previous post that the Devs are not in control of the servers themselves as noted in a previous post that Dollie had to call an engineer to reset the server. now, here is the kicker. since the Devs have to call company controling and maintaining the servers we are using. how much effort is it to pick up your phone or type into your pc through an email, text, or leaving a message after you call to tell said company to restart this server or that server. well, its about 10 to 15 seconds. or less. super easy, quick and painless. but Dollie nor other Devs refuse to spend 10 to 15 seconds of their time to do so. but they have time to read the forums. but no time to fix a very easy problem to keep players happy. hmm. I hope that answers your question The D Legacy.
  5. thankyou for your automated response. if you only have 2 people to handle the game Atlas. then now we all know where your priorities are. so basically what you are telling everyone who plays Atlas is " well you are not important to us so we will only dedicate 2 people to help you all with this, and to show you how little we think of you and Atlas, we are pulling the 2 people off of Atlas to help with Ark. " All i hear from evryone that plays Atlas is this. "Atlas has such potential. it really could be a great game, But, things are not getting addressed or fixed. The Devs ignore requests for days or weeks on simple fixes. And it makes me feel like they just dont care. so i am going to stop playing this game and move on." I think you all are making a huge mistake for not taking care of Atlas. because they are right. this could be a great game. its different and immersive. but if you dont care to fix bugs and keep the servers running. How do you expect players to stay loyal and keep playing?
  6. hi , yes there is a problem with your system and battle eye this has been going on for almost a week. please dont try and tell me you are too busy. i am not the only one who has reported this problem. gee maybe you should pay more attention to the servers. I believe that is your job as a dev, yes????? i see this problem in the forums and in here and in the community chat. yet nothing has been done to fix the problem. this is not just on one server so lets try to act like you care and fix the problem accross the entire game. instead of just nitpick a problem here and there. This game is alot of fun but only if it works and is taken care of. if you dont take care of your game, its only because you dont take your job seriously. i hope those up the ladder take note and read this so maybe they can chew some tail and get something done about it. and other problems in the game.
  7. NA Gorgon's Gaze B6 needs restart. problem with battle eye, I keep getting kicked by battle eye : reason: 'client not responding'. pleas fix. its been 4 days of this happening. i am going to lose crew and animals.
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