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  1. So, I am very interested in this game. VERY interested. I'm an avid sailor, I teach sailing, I participate in regattas, I love it, I live it. This game's sailing model has so intrigued me that I'm highly interested. But in all of the footage I've seen, I saw, as this thread mentions, backwards fore and aft rigged (handling) sails. I want to get this game, I want to give them my money and support what they are doing, even if the sailing isn't perfect, it's the best I've found in a real game that's not just a sailing sim. But I literally can't tolerate those sails literally being backwards. I'm glad that others share my issue. I literally searched out these official forums, searched out this problem, and created a profile just to bump this thread. Fix this sail issue and you'll almost certainly have my money. For me, the more realistic the sailing (excepting specific gameplay concessions), the better. That's all I've got.
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