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  1. ik your feelings ^^ i was exactly thinking the same about it. if you bit in the sour apple and release a game close to xmas to only make fast money and get an angry community, "hey lets do it" but if you want to release one of those games on christmas you have to be prepared to fking fix your bugged shit ASAP. You made up your own fate @sailtheatlas ^^
  2. I got the following error code while starting the game or try to connect to any Server: Invalid Json Token. Line: 1 Ch: 1 Already tried to repair it with the steam function, the program said there is 1 corrupted file, so it got redownloaded but it is still not working. After some research in the Internet i also tried changing resolution of the game and restart it , changing network settings etc. anything not working. It is a known bug from the ark game , so pls fix it asap.
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    Same error right here. While starting the game it pops up , trying to connect to a server or home region it happens again.
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