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  1. On NA PVE it's so dead, there are 3 122 point islands opened up after a mega corp dropped out of the game. And less than half of the polar regions seem to be claimed now. How's it looking on the EU and PVP end of things?
  2. You'll have to explain this one. As far as I can tell there's no issue with pc players playing along side xbox players. With the obvious exceptions of performance and the ability to cheat/mod.
  3. Perhaps speaking about the blue indicator suggesting a piece is to be placed at point X and when placed ends up placing at point Z. Forcing you to pick up and try again. Assuming you're not placing high over head, in which case, grab a grappling hook just to remove the misplaced piece.
  4. Ships can only be claimed in pve if you've unclaimed them.
  5. Kinda sad running around seeing so many abandoned buildings and animals everywhere. Barely a pulse anymore.
  6. Is there a discord app for xbox?
  7. Yeah I think I've got quite a few actually.
  8. Located in the far east, the island of Brimheller O12, there are about 200+ bears waiting to be sold. All bears are unleveled unless elsewise marked. 100 gold per wild level. Levels range from 40 to 80. I do not have discord but I am around most days. Feel free to drop by and browse the bears.
  9. I've got about 200 bears of varying stats, all bred. Some imprinted some not. I've spent so much time on the breeding I haven't even sorted and priced them out yet. But if you're ever in the neighborhood, stop by Brimheller island in O12.
  10. I hear things only get fixed if you remain silent and complacent.
  11. What I want to know is, where are all the Jellyfish?
  12. How high on the melee pre imprint are we talking? And how much are you looking to spend?
  13. Also no aim bots for xbox users, which again begs the question, why bother with pvp if you're an xbox user? It's well known that companies cheat in pvp, and cheating is only possible for pc players, once again at an advantage over xboxers.
  14. It's a known issue that there are coastal rocks that only pc players can see. I've used her pc a few times to navigate my ship out on the xbox more than a few times.
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