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  1. Transferred everything over to the server running win server 08 R2, fully updated OS and drivers, a clean install of the server files and launched the server. Everything runs as it should but still getting the same issue. when the server is sitting idle for a period of time and then I join, joining works fine but red walls all around and cannot travel until I restart the cluster. Any ideas, as I am lost with this.
  2. Hi All, Got an issue with my 3x2 grids everything launches fine and runs fine but after an hour or so I suddenly get red walls around whichever grid I'm in and can no longer travel out of the grid. If I remote login to the server it still has everything running fine. if I reboot all grids except the one I'm in it still will not come good, but if I reboot all grids and Redis server/map server it will work again. the only thing I can think of is the server is running windows 10 pro (what I had on hand) instead of an actual server install (downloading R2 now anyway) and some process is getting hung up somewhere. Years ago I had an ARK server on my old pc (win10) and would leave it running for friends to keep playing while I was at work but we found if my PC or the ARK wasn't active for a period of time it would bug out even though it was still running you couldn't join until it was rebooted. So I'll be installing R2 today anyway but is there anything else I should be looking at? I'm hoping R2 will be more stable for the grids sitting dormant for long periods of time waiting for people to join. The server itself is an old Dell PowerEdge 2950 dual Xeon 5450 with 32gb ram using ATLAS Server Control, for the grids I'm running the hardware isn't stressed at all CPU and RAM float between 30-50% with people connected. any assistance and ideas will be appreciated.
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