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  1. 7 days had the decency to die tho...dont get me wrong I love 7days ..but atlas is ....different
  2. What happens when a pve tribe wins in your scenario....you can only hurt their ships...they have a protected base to keep supplying whatever fob they have..and after a while they win either by numbers or by resources...and they only way to tip the scales would be to attack their home base....whatchyadoinnow?
  3. What you're saying is....yo u want to play pvp..you have done everything because there is little resistance. Your breeding is on auto pilot because no one attacks you..if you think you wont get bored of whatever small PVP- ESQE content u ask for..im sure you are wrong. You dont want your base touched which means your tames and ships will never need replacement..so you get bored doing things like feeding and...well ....what else is there? Best you can get is an arena type mash in thats not true pvp..its like fighting your older brother at his favorite Street fighter. Give pvp another try..dont be too salty when you get raided...it gives you new things to do. So you dont get into the rut of breed feed and tame..build ship..play arena...bored again.. Ive played pve extensively and also pvp...but devs already say they plan on pursuing pvp. And I'm just telling you from experience...youre bored because you play pve...you have learned the game...time to test your skills against others...yes?
  4. This even more..a token. A set time for set amt of gold scaled by ship and/ or company size..gold is easy enough to get ( easy wildcard...its good the way it is) ALSO...what pirate never paid for safe port, while they drank and spent gold....just makes sense we shoukd be abke to pay a Freeport for safe srorage of a boat
  5. I'll give a positive post..thanks for finally revealing some info on this..we all follow the forums and check for new updates everyday..thanks for the info.
  6. There ya go grapeshot. Now you have people discussing other games to play in your forums...seems we should hear something methinks.
  7. Why not just charge gold per hour to keep a ship safe..that could actually solve alot of problems. Keeping gold in the res box pays for safe anchoring in a Freeport..it could even be a pretty high rate to help balance larger/smaller groups. Simple fixes are great imo.
  8. I think some people favor the brig because of the handling.
  9. Can't tell what u need there...we don't usually need materials for materials tho..gold, tames and boats. We'd be interested in trading for those. If you need a shipment of materials we can bring it to you. Possibly set up an established trade route for trading materials after. If u have further questions or interest please add KangKoopah on Xbox.
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