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  1. I have recently become the 4th xbox member in my company in the past week to delete their character unintentionally. I was simply trying to spawn on a bed and another crewmember spawned on it just a fraction of a second before i did. It slides the selector off the respawn on bed option which you press A to select, and on to the delete pathfinder option. You are prompted with a yes or no option asking you if you are sure you want to delete but here is the problem. Yes=A and No=B. So if this happens and you happen to be pressing a to spawn on the bed just one too many times like i did you confirm instantly that you want to delete the character. The quick fix to this would be making No=A and Yes=B or as in other games you have to hold a series of buttons together at once to delete the character. But ultimately this option needs to be moved to its own area on the screen away from all other options. My friend said he spawned on the bed the screen turned green and he was spamming A to jump when he spawned and when he came out of the green screen was put back on the spawn location screen and the selector was on the delete pathfinder option. I would love my character backed. This was right after the 3x event i spent all my time getting discovery points and powerstones and finally had got to level 70 and then this happens. I realize you wont give me my character. But please make this change fast so you dont lose your xbox player base.
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