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  1. ZmANz321321

    Maps difficulty been increased

    hopefully on the 2x gold. I need it, lol
  2. ZmANz321321

    Maps difficulty been increased

    I'm still new to atlas and tamed a bear just to do maps, almost lost her yesterday to a level 15 warrior of the damned. this has discouraged me from doing the maps. now i just have a new raft built and I look around for the "sunken treasure". its not as fun as finding a map and killing the enemies that spawn, but its enough gold to keep the crew.
  3. ZmANz321321

    Abandoned boat decay time

    some of the people on M6 on the NA, PvE server keep ships in there shipyard/ sideways in front of them to keep people from docking in front of them, im just happy enough that my drig , "The Wellerman" has not been blocked in.
  4. ZmANz321321

    Xbox play anywhere?

    i LOVE atlas, its one of my favorite games at the moment. however i would like to see it on the xbox play anywhere service. i cant get steam on my computer, (the computer just wont run it for some reason) however i can download games that are on the Microsoft store, the computer i have run's Sea Of Thieves at 60 FPS with 4K graphics settings on so i know that the computer could handle the game, (even if its not going to run the best) nevertheless, this is just a suggestion, i hope it comes true one day, but if it doesn't "oh well" see y'all on the sea's.