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  1. Was making some tin bars today and my forge kept defaulting to thatch as it's main fuel source, despite starting the forge's fire with wood before putting the other materials into it to start the process. I'm more than certain this is a bug, since again, I started the fire itself first with wood with nothing else in the forge's inventory, but once it burnt through that first bit of wood, it started burning the thatch. I pulled the thatch out while the fire was still burning, letting it burn through another bit of wood(waited for coal to appear), put the thatch back in and began the process of bar making again, only for the forge to AGAIN default back to thatch as it's main fuel source. This doesn't appear to be the correct order of operations when processing materials and though I posted it to the bug report section of the official Discord, I believe the moderator misunderstood what it was I was trying to say and deleted my report there. If this really IS supposed to be how it works, my apologies, but it really seems like this is a bug, not a feature.
  2. uh, if you don't think providing proof of sexual harassment wouldn't hold in court, especially in a situation simulating sex trafficking, you haven't really been paying much attention to the news the past 3 years. There's a reason Craigslist got rid of it's personal's ads and other, seedier personal's no longer exist. Let's not forget all the new laws in relation to unsolicited dong pictures. Law enforcement is definitely coming down hard on sexual cybercrimes, and it's gonna be kinda funny when it lands on those engaging in this sort of behavior The mechanics itself is one thing, best way to avoid capture while offline is to die before logging off, that's a lesson learned. It's an entirely different issue when you're being inappropriate and people can prove it. That gets you, at best, on a list. At worst...well, just hope you never end up in Gen Pop.
  3. yup, go to the vendor who sells NPC's, it's the second option and it's like 250 gold. Dunno about the bug though since I haven't used one yet
  4. kind of defeats the purpose of having a character creator then, doesn't it? We're all gonna look the same, old and moldy in a month anyways. No real point to character customization except to either make yourself a big target or a small target, and they didn't need to waste the resources on all those sliders then, they could have just went small medium large male and female as our only choices at that point.
  5. I understand this but also agree with the OP. Either remove aging until the planned reasons for it are implemented or slow it down. Everything I've read said that it takes about 3 months to hit age 90, but I've been playing for 2 weeks exactly(installed on the 1st) and my character is already in his 50's. At the rate he's aging he'll be 90 in another 2 1/2 weeks. A month and 2-4 days is ridiculous, even if there's no longer a debuff for it
  6. What we need is the ability to make multiple characters, 2-5 ideally, and have our character menu part of start-up. I don't want the ability to delete my character completely removed but understand the frustration of doing it accidentally
  7. It does sort of feel like the 2x rates should be the standard. That said taking the gathering by hand traits helps a bit when you don't have tames
  8. That's a nice strawman you're building there. Literally no one criticized server donations.
  9. should rent them out as stores instead of the stalls on the beach
  10. didn't criticize anyone for asking for donations, what I criticized was you explicitly saying In this you actually did offhandedly say that you expect it. Second sentence. That was what I was addressing, and no you shouldn't expect a donation. If you expect it, it's not a donation, it's a payment. That expectation for people to pay to play in someone else's IP is shady. Offering "rewards" that offer a greater advantage than other players is shady. This is also how private servers end up shuttering. Run a good server with good people and keep out griefers and trolls, you're players will feel obligated to donate on their own. That all said though, if you're running a server for you and a select group of friends you personally know, then that's all moot. If it was something you all agreed upon that you'd share the expenses and then they end up flaking out on you, then you have every right to be the upset party.
  11. You're the one who made the choice to pay for that server and no you shouldn't expect anything in donations. That's why they're donations and not tithes. If you can't afford to host the server then find one of your more trustworthy players to hand the server off too. If players wish to donate to keep the server running it's one thing, but to try and coerce people into paying with rewards the non-paying members of your server cannot hope to get is shady as hell
  12. I'd say to the no damage ships when anchored suggestion...only when the ship owner or company is offline. The issue is being offlined, so if you are anchored AND offline then it's a bit more feasible, though like another poster up above mentioned. If someone wants to grief you they'll find ways of doing it. It isn't just Atlas PvE which proves this, but every Survival Game's PvE servers. Survival games don't work as PvE environments, even ones which focus heavily on PvE gameplay like F76
  13. *chuckles* lost a couple of bears today due to this actually. Ended up making a suggestion on the suggestion forums for animal cages with a system similar to how sails work, based on animal and ship size, just a safe storage bin to hold 1 animal a piece
  14. I'll preface this by saying I'm still pretty new, only been playing for a week now but here are some Quality of Life suggestions I think would enrich the game. If any have been suggested before I do apologize, but please bear with me otherwise. 1) Vitamins. Ok, getting this out of the way cause I have seen some discussions in regards to this but most just want to be rid of it entirely. I love the idea, my issue is that the rates which food grants vitamins is woefully low. If I eat a steak, some fish, a potato or 2, and a handful of berries I should receive sufficient nutrition for quite awhile. Especially considering that the equivalent of this in game fills up a sizeable chunk of your hunger meter. I think the idea is to push people into better recipes, but if we doubled the nutrition on foods I think this would still be accomplished. 2) Carrier Pigeons. Pretty self explanatory, you'd still have to tame/breed them, but would allow players to send letters/messages to eachother in game whether they're offline or in another map cell. While some people would suggest just using discord, there are sometimes issues that crop up with relying on 3rd party services, the biggest of which being trying to contact someone not on your friends list who has their privacy settings turned on. This would allow us to send a message to companies for purposes of recruitment, letting them know you're building on their claim, etc. 3) Animal Cages. They'd be a sort of storage mostly for transporting your tames on ships without the risk of them being swallowed up by the ocean due to desyncing or changing grids. I've lost 2 bears today trying to do some treasure hunting, and it's pretty frustrating. The system could be similar to the one in place for sails, with small medium and large sizes, and each cage would only allow for housing a single animal to limit how many would be transported per ship. Definitely not asking for the cryopod feature from ARK here, as that's bordering on ridiculous, just some way to keep animals safe when on a boat since the game relies on boat travel as it's main feature. 4) Rotten meat as fish bait. I mean, that's pretty much what chum is (along with guts, bones and blood) edit: fourth suggestion
  15. thank you for the heads up and I'll be sure to proceed cautiously. Will definitely keep all of this information in mind when setting up a base of operations, and thankfully it's not my first rodeo when it comes to survival games
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