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  1. highly doubt they will at this point. No response from the dev team or any staff member on how to fix this issue. Asked their help on multiple places and got 0 responses from the dev's. Did get some replies from players on attempted fixes but sadly didnt fix the issue.
  2. Bump as there hasnt been a reply and the issue is still here.
  3. So to keep it short. I bought Atlas about a week ago and i have had the same issue since day 1. My ingame voip just doesnt work. people cant hear me talk nor can i hear them talk. I do however see their voice bubble appear when they are talking. All i can find about this issue is people saying i should check out my steam voice settings which i did. All of those settings are setup correctly and i can hear myself talk over there. I also read about it possibly having to do with windows updates. I checked this aswell and my pc is up to date with the latest version installed. Not sure what windows could be doing that causes voice not to work. This is really getting annoying now because it restricts me to text chat while i have a perfectly fine mic. Can anyone help me with fixing this issue?
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